10 Tips And Tricks To Enjoy A Casino — Even When You Lose

10 Tips And Tricks To Enjoy A Casino — Even When You Lose

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Published by TOP4 Team

If your idea of casinos comes from the very graphic movies of Martin Scorsese, you might not equate the place with “entertainment”. For sure, getting one’s hand brutally broken into disability doesn’t pass for an evening of thrilling fun.

Of course, that only happens when the pit boss catches you and your wily ways at the poker table. Casinos tend to frown upon cheaters.

Here’s a crazy concept about casinos: They’re not all about gambling.

You don’t have to just gamble when you choose casinos for your holiday or to celebrate an occasion. You especially do not just want to make bets at the blackjack table or sit for hours on end at the slot machines when you get into a losing streak.

So here are 10 tips and tricks to help you have a great time, even when you lose a few bills.

1. Pick the right casino.
Unless you have the time and the net worth, you can hit all the casinos on the same boulevard. If not, try to pick the one that’s right for you.

Don’t want to feel overwhelmed? Go for the smaller casinos. Need easy access to your hotel room? Choose resort or hotel casinos. Hate gamblers who smoke? Find a casino that has non-smoking sections.

2. Know the games.
You can’t come to a casino and just play the slot machines, although the free drinks are spot on; you’ll eventually get bored. Some casinos have tables that offer lessons in gambling. On a slow day, you can get a quick instruction on baccarat or poker or blackjack.

3. Stick to a budget.
Assume that you will lose in casinos. Once you get over this fact, you can set a number that you can afford to lose. Leave your credit cards at home.

4. Create a plan for quitting.
If you’ve been sitting at the same game table for 15 minutes without breaking even, walk away.

5. Take breaks and explore the casino.
Most of the bigger casinos will not just feature gaming. Get a foot massage at the spa. Hang out where the sports bettors are and watch a live game or two on those massive screens. Check out a fine art gallery (Las Vegas’s Bellagio has such a gallery).

6. Taste the gastronomic options.
Most casinos will have fine dining restaurants and different buffet options. Eat and sample the best cuisines at varying prices.

7. Catch a spectacular show.
From the jaw-dropping production in music concerts to the awe-inspiring theatrical performances, you will get the entertainment of a lifetime.

8. Explore the virtual reality game rooms.
Immerse in high tech gambling with the variety of consoles that take you from playing slot machines to riding the roller coaster.

9. Try a dinner theatre.
Jousting and swordfights. Knights and dragons. Huge cuts of meat and you. Why not?

10. Spread the joy around.
Finally, you’ll boost your level of fun at casinos when you spread the wealth. So when you win at the craps table, tip the dealer.


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