10 Casino Do's and Don'ts for the Beginner Gambler

10 Casino Do's and Don'ts for the Beginner Gambler

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So, a friend of yours or a family member takes you to the casino for the very first time. But, never having been before, you have no absolute clue about what to do when you get there. So, here are some tips for all the beginners out there, or maybe a refresher session for the rest.

1. Know how much money you can bet and lose.
Yes, that right, lose. Acknowledge your bankroll. Approach it as entertainment at first. Remember, if you're not an expert in this kind of field looking to make a living, then it's a recreation.

2. Know the rules and regulations of the games you might play.
If you can, download a free app on your smartphone and play a little before you play.

3. Be satisfied with small casino winnings.
Beginners usually lose more in casinos. Breaking even in casinos is usually a win.

4. Don't drink too much alcohol when gambling.
Lavish alcohol drinking will inevitably cause you to admit losing beyond a "health situation".

5. Bring a phone and watch.
There are usually no windows or clocks in most casinos, and if you get separated from your friends, you might need to contact them.

6. Don't be afraid to ask the casino staff's assistance.
Remember, there are so many people who are there to assist you as a hospitality service.

7. Don't be shy.
If you’re new to the game, please ask the dealer for guidance. They want you to win, the more you win, the more likely you’ll give them a tip. Don't worry about taking a little longer. Everybody starts as a beginner and most will like your attempt to make the correct play.

8. Be flexible when it comes to smoking.
If you smoke, be conscious of those around you. If you’re a nonsmoker in the smoking area of the casino, then adjust. Reach a common ground that both smokers and nonsmokers can be satisfied with.

9. Carry extra dollar for tips.
In most casinos, complimentary drinks are served, but the serving staff is usually expecting a small tip from you.

10. Be aware of the casino's rules regarding picture taking using your phone.
Every casino has a different set of rules so it’s important for players to be aware of them. If you’re a selfie addict, taking selfie pictures using your cellphone can put you into a big trouble if it breaks the rules. Some casinos allow some picture taking, like when a big jackpot is won but don't be surprised when a staff asks you to put your phone away. Remember, many visitors would prefer not to be included in anyone’s photo, especially those players that make a living in anonymity.

Whatever it is that you need, connect with local businesses in your area.


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