Your Next Hiking Adventure - Tips To Make It Safer Than Ever

Your Next Hiking Adventure - Tips To Make It Safer Than Ever


Hiking can be one of the most fun and thrilling experiences we can have whether we go into it alone, with friends, family or with romantic partners. However, like most outdoor adventures, hiking poses some dangers too. To be caught unprepared for such possibilities when you are already in the middle of your supposedly exciting venture can ruin your day, so to speak. So to prepare and better protect yourself and your partner-adventurers, here is a list of steps and tips that may prove helpful to ensure that your adventure will turn out safe and memorable.

First is choosing your hiking trail well, and the earlier the better. The earlier you find your choice of hiking trail, the sooner you can prepare yourself and your company for the necessary things you need to do, like familiarizing yourself with the place. Since there are a good number of hiking trails to choose from around the United States, consider the level of difficulty at which you are comfortable. Some hiking trails are suited for beginners while the more advanced hikers can choose from among trails with a higher degree of difficulty to go with their experience.

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Once you have decided on the hiking track you want, try to get a copy of its map and carefully scrutinize the trail and its features. Being closely familiar with the trail even before you venture into it will keep you safe and alert at every step of your way and guide you out of possible emergency cases. Bringing the same map when you are finally on the hiking trail will also help you cope with any untoward incident like getting yourself hurt or suddenly sick, getting confused or lost in the middle of the actual hike, or any eventuality that may warrant the need for your getting back to safety quickly.

Getting familiarized with security personnel in the hiking area or park is also one important consideration. Ask for their contact information and make sure you have a cell phone to bring along during the trail hike. These preparations will make any possible problem like accidents or getting lost in the hiking area easier to report. It will facilitate sending security assistance to your site whenever the need for it becomes necessary. If in case you do not have a cell phone, try looking for a cheap prepaid handset. There should always be one available or you may consider borrowing from someone who has.

And while a cell phone is important for having a safe hiking adventure, bringing enough food and drinks to last you from one to two days is also important. Having enough food and drinks with you in case something goes wrong during the hike can help you retain your strength, keep you nourished and alert until you get to untangle yourself from any problem or before outside help reaches you. So pack extra food and drinks before you take the first step on the trail.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to have all the necessary hiking gear or supplies with you. Dressing right and safe for your adventure is a must lest you make yourself uncomfortable, unsafe and eventually risk spoiling the excitement and fun of your hiking adventure. Wearing hiking boots or sneakers should be first on this list. Then bring a light coat to keep you comfortable in case it rains or you stay for a cold night. Speaking of rain, examine the weather before you venture outdoors. Prior knowledge of the weather can guide and keep you safe.

The last, but could very well be the most important thing to remember to keep yourself safe is to disclose to your friends and immediate relatives where and when you will be doing your adventure, with whom, if ever you have someone else with you, and when you expect to return home.

Having a broad idea of where you are on any given day until you are safely back home will guide your folks where to locate you in case something unwanted happens. Writing down and leaving a similar information on a piece of paper or notebook at home will also be useful.

Hiking is always a great, enjoyable and thrilling outdoor experience. But it does have its share of dangers and little mishaps. Try to follow the tips and steps we have just shared with you so it may help you avoid one or even all of the lurking hazards. Stay safe and enjoy the hiking trip!

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