We all share different perceptions on what classifies as the “ideal breast” however in most cases, women are looking to achieve that uplifted, perky and youthful look, whether you’re a size A or a double D.

Our breast tissue and elasticity can be affected through pregnancy or ageing – this in turn causes changes to the appearance of our breasts. Or maybe it’s just what nature and your genetics have delivered to you. Concerns like lack of fullness, loss of volume, too little cleavage or breasts that appear too heavy are common amongst the patients that come to the Eden Institute.

Here we give you the lowdown on the various options you have for achieving beautiful breasts.

If your breasts are too small and you feel that you always need lots of padding to fill out a top or swimsuit…

Breast Augmentation is ideal for those who are looking to increase or enhance their breast size, shape and volume. A Breast Enhancement is highly tailored to your existing body frame and Dr Edinburg will always assess your characteristics before advising on the most suitable implant size and shape. The goal is to accentuate your natural curves and enhance your breasts in a way that naturally harmonises with the rest of your body silhouette. Opting for implants that are too large for your body figure will not generate optimal outcomes and Dr Edinburg would always advise against doing so. Breast Augmentation is not only great for increasing your breast size, but can also help to improve cleavage through enhanced fullness and can give your breasts a more youthful and perkier appearance.

If your breasts have lost a lot of volume and are looking empty, saggy or droopy…

Loss of volume is a common concern for many women, especially after pregnancy or even through ageing and genetics. Breast Lift Surgery can help uplift shapeless breasts that have sagged or look droopy. Usually if you have enough existing breast tissue, a lift is all you need however if your current breasts are mostly empty, Dr Edinburg may also recommend adding an implant whilst lifting the breasts to give it a fuller shape.

If your breasts are too big and you feel that it’s weighing you down, causing discomfort or they are spilling out of the bottom or sides of your bra… You can reduce the size of your breasts is through Breast Reduction Surgery..

Come see Dr Edinburg at The Eden Institute for a consultation or contact us at 8814 5800 to find out more about Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift or Breast Reduction


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