What Can Territory Investigations Do?

What Can Territory Investigations Do?


What do we do?

It's one of our most common questions and oddly, one of the hardest to answer. The largest areas of work for us are:

Cheating Partners/Infidelity

We can be engaged to investigate whether a person is cheating on their spouse. This generally entails covert surveillance of the person believed to be cheating and obtaining photographs or video evidence of their actions.

Child Support Agency Matters

When a person reports a lower income than they are actually earning to the Child Support Agency it can result in the other parent having to pay more. We are able to use a range of investigative methods to determine the actual working conditions of the person claiming to need support and provide evidence that may be used to ensure the correct child support is paid.

Locating People

Whether it is a witness required for court, a person who owes money (a debtor) or just a missing person, assuming there are no orders in place protecting them, we are able to assist in locating them.

Workplace Investigations

These can entail things like bullying or code of conduct investigations or matters such as fraud and theft. We are able to conduct factual investigations and provide a details investigations report. All investigators that undertake workplace investigations have been trained in Investigative Interviewing and hold a Certificate IV in Government Investigations.

Background Checks

For prospective employees, partners or other lawful purposes usually involve a desktop investigation and providing a report on the person so that assessments can be made on their suitability.

Reportable Conduct Investigations

Within the ACT and NSW, the Reportable Conduct Scheme means that businesses dealing with children have certain responsibilities to investigate mistreatment. We have experienced independent investigators able to conduct or assist in these investigations. We are also able to assist those who are being investigated in obtaining further evidence to support the natural justice process.

Other Investigations

We can take on any lawful investigation, however, matters other than those above are often best with your lawyer prior to engaging us. This ensures that they are appropriate for your individual circumstances.

We have partnered with a local law firm and can have any investigation appraised by them to ensure we are taking the best course of action and obtaining the strongest evidence possible.

We do not believe in doing work and charging just for the sake of it - we want to ensure that you are paying for services that will actually help you.

If you require our service, do not hesitate to contact us today!


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