What are the requirements of BASIX Certificates for Swimming Pools?

What are the requirements of BASIX Certificates for Swimming Pools?


If you need to comply with BASIX for your swimming pool or spa, then to receive certification there are three main areas of focus.

Dedicated Rainwater Tank with Tap

You will need to install a separate rainwater tank be installed for storing water used for swimming pool and spa top up. Even if you have an existing rainwater tank, you need to ensure water storage is dedicated to topping up your swimming pool in line with BASIX swimming pool requirements.

The proximity of your pool nominated rainwater tank needs to have a tap installed and be located within 10 metres from the edge of your swimming pool or spa. Many hoses can be found that meet this length, enabling you to easily top up the pool. You can also find auto-filling valves to attach to a hose, which will automatically top up your swimming pool once water falls below a certain level.

Sheltering Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools and spas that aren’t shaded will suffer higher water evaporation levels in the sun. This means if your swimming pool is located outdoors rather than indoors, then setting up shades overs your swimming pool can improve your pool water use. Solid fencing and dense vegetation around your pool can also help shield water evaporation caused by the wind.

To be classified as shaded for BASIX certification, at least 80% of the pool or spa must be covered by a shading device which is either opaque, has a shade ratio of 80% or higher, or has a shading coefficient of less than 0.35.

Swimming Pool Cover

A great way to reduce the amount of water lost through evaporation is to invest in a swimming pool cover. Pool covers provide several benefits and can:

  • Save up to 10,000 litres of water every month

  • Reduce the chemicals required to balance water in your pool or spa

  • Keep your pool cleaner by preventing leaves and debris blowing in

  • Double up as safety covers to keep pets or animals falling into your pool.

If you like warmer pool water, you can purchase solar pool blankets. These covers retain heat and can increase the water temperature by as much as 10 degrees, extending your swimming time throughout the year by around three months. You can also contact Frys Energywise today for any enquiries about BASIX Certificates for Swimming Pools.


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