Tips For Having Your First Successful Hike

Tips For Having Your First Successful Hike


Maybe it's a new years resolution or maybe you are looking to start a new healthy hobby. No matter the reason you are about to start a wonderful journey. But before you get all excited, it is a good idea to follow this simple checklist and make sure you completed each step. These steps will ensure that you have a good experience your first time hitting the trails. They are not difficult but it is important you do not skip any steps.

Step one

If you are not a physical person, it would be wise to consult your doctor and make sure you can handle that added stress a hike can put on your body. You also would want to pick a trail that is not rough terrain, very steep or long in duration for your first couple of times.

Step two

Your gear is very important and depending on the duration of the hike, your gear will change to accommodate. Assuming your new and this is your first hike. The most important gear will be your hiking boots. Men's hiking boots and women's hiking boots are very different. If you're a female do not and I repeat do not buy a smaller size men's hiking boot just because they have a special or you want to match. You want to find a supplier that makes a boot for both male and female.

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Step three

Pick loose fitting comfortable clothing that lets your body breathe. Ten minutes into the hike you will thank me.

Step four

Depending on the distance of the hike, you want to make sure you have plenty of drinkable water. Make sure it's water and not soft drinks. The water will hydrate you properly allowing you to have plenty of stamina to finish the trail. Stretch for 10 minutes to warm your body to prepare for the hike. Also, find a comfortable stride and try to maintain it during your hike.

Step five

Again depending on the distance, especially if you are new, you will want to take a two or three-minute break every fifteen to twenty minutes. Use these few minutes to stretch your muscles and keep yourself limber.

Step six

I told you it was easy, enjoy your day, you're on an awesome adventure. I was hooked after my very first hike.

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