The Solar Panel Rebate

The Solar Panel Rebate


What most people aren't aware of is that the dollar value of this 'solar rebate' could plunge at any time over those 2 years.

How so? I go over the exact mechanism (known as STC creation) further down the page, but in a nutshell, the system 'self regulates'.

What that means is, if the market for solar runs hot, the value of the 'rebate' goes down in step with a thing called the 'STC price'. The STC price can have a value between $0 and $40. In other words, $40 is the highest it can go by law.

The higher the STC price, the more 'rebate' you get.
At the time of writing (December 2015) the value of the rebate is $39.90. Let's call it $40. So it is as high as it can be. This translates into a rebate of roughly $700 per kW installed. But if anything causes a rush on solar systems, the rebate is likely to drop.


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