Save Home Energy While You Sleep

Save Home Energy While You Sleep


Energy is used all the time even when you sleeping. The bulk of your energy is used during daytime activities, but it does not stop at night. So what can be done to minimise this usually unnoticed night time cost? Try these five no cost tips on saving energy even at night.

Turn down the thermostat in the winter.

Throw another blanket on the bed and let the temperature in your home drift down. The thermostat operates your energy hogging heater, furnace, or boiler until the temperature in your home is the same as the setting. Lowering the setting means the heating runs less than if at the higher setting. You are setting back the temperature at night. Any amount of setback will save energy. Decrease the temperature setting gradually over several nights until you are at the edge of comfort then increase a degree or two. This nighttime temperature can be automatic if you have a programmable thermostat. If not, just be diligent to change the thermostat every night and back in the morning.

Make sure all lights, equipment, and appliances are off.

I have often tried to watch TV through my eyelids. But this only makes me more tired and wastes energy. Try to make a quick walk through your home before retiring for the night making sure everything that should be off is off. Try using Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) for security needs and Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights for night lights.

Lock windows and doors. This not only helps with security but seals against the weather stripping around windows and doors. Make sure storm windows and doors are completely closed. At night when traffic is minimal, an air barrier can be placed along the bottom of exterior doors.

Close shades in winter.

On a bright sun shining day, rays of light stream in through your uncovered windows; often overlooked is the heat that gushes out your windows on a cold winter night. A heat radiating out through your windows and glass doors causes your heating system to run more. Also the temperature of these glass surfaces decreases. Your body loses heat towards these cold surfaces, resulting in you feeling colder even when the air temperature is not lower.

Open windows in summer.

Your house builds up heat during the day. Even when the outdoor temperature falls at night, this residual heat warms the air in your home. The result is your air conditioner running well into the night. Opening windows after nightfall may allow this heat to escape without running the air conditioner. Turn off your air conditioning system while windows are open. Use fans if the temperature drifts up. In the morning, make sure windows are closed tightly and covered to block the sun. Do not forget to turn the air conditioning back on.

By trying these five no cost tips to save home energy while you sleep, you will begin to shave money off of your utility bill. Many of these actions are free and involve an only minor adjustment in your living habits.

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