Men's Hiking Boots - How to Make the Wise Choice

Men's Hiking Boots - How to Make the Wise Choice


If you are going for a hike, a comfortable and good pair of men's hiking boots can sometimes be the difference between a pleasant hike or a suffering. Imagine yourself going for a couple of days trip and stuck with uncomfortable hiking boots that, at the best case press too much on a fingertips, what can make the hike very unpleasant, or, in the worst case not providing an appropriate support for your ankle and thus putting you in a risk of break or a sprain of your ankle. So, there are a couple of factors you may keep in mind while choosing a men's hiking boots.

Hiking Boots for Men

First and the most important to keep in mind while choosing men's hiking boots is the safety of your ankle and the comfort ability of the boots.

Considering safety, you should think about which terrain you intend to hike. There are three types of hiking boots in the market. The low ones, often so called hiking shoes, middle and high ones. The low hiking shoes provide you with a minimum ankle support and maximum flexibility which may be a wanted thing while hiking an easy terrain or a countryside. The middle and high ones, provide you with less flexibility, but more ankle support. So, you should decide for what purpose you want to wear them. My choice is the middle ones as they provide a support for my ankle and, at the same time give enough flexibility, so I can hike with them in almost every terrain.

As about the comfort ability of your men's hiking boots, except the flexibility, you should choose the most suitable sole, and I mean the outside part of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground. The function of this part of a shoe is to provide you with the optimal grip to the ground. There are different varieties offered in the market and different companies make different patterns of soles but the essence is the same. The more serrated the sole, the more rough or slippery terrain it made for, but, if you intend to hike an easy terrain or use the hiking boots for an even everyday walk, you should consider not to exaggerate about the serration of the sole. On the other hand, there are some strange low hiking shoes with a very serrated sole in the market, and I am not talking about the soccer shoes, that in my opinion are not serving the purpose at all. Again, my choice is a middle serrated sole boot, as those prevent me from slipping and are comfortable not only in the rough terrains.

The last thing you may consider is that while hiking, especially a couple of days hike, you may want to wear a second pair of socks. So while choosing the men's hiking boots choose at least one size bigger than your regular shoes.

Enjoy the hike!

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