Important Tips to Remember when Learning the Piano

Important Tips to Remember when Learning the Piano


If you want to learn how to play the piano, obviously, you need to take piano lessons. The piano is one of the difficult musical instrument to learn and it is important to look into different things that need to be done before you can be able to confidently start playing music using the piano.

Here are several things you need to know how to play the piano:

  • The Notes And The Chords: Piano-playing will need you to learn the notes and the corresponding beats they have. It is important that you know what each note entails in the grand staff so that you make the proper sound in a music sheet. It is also necessary that you learn about chords and the different note combinations that make up the different chords. Chords aren't that difficult. Once you learn the different notes, you will be able to find the note combinations easily.

    Chords are simply noted combinations that need to be used together when playing music.

  • The Proper Hand Movements And Posture: Piano-playing will need you to learn the proper hand movements and posture called for it. Since you will be using your hands to produce music, it is necessary that you learn the movements that correspond to each finger you have. There are numbers that generally correspond to each finger and knowing these will be you more comfortable playing the piano without having to jump from one key series to another.

    The proper hand posture will also be important as it would lessen the cramping and the numbness that accompanies playing. It will also help you play the piano as properly and comfortably as you can.

  • The Proper Posture: The proper posture is also needed because it will decide your playing too. It will also help you lessen the back cramping and numbness that you will, most likely, feel after playing the piano non-stop.
  • Playing By The Ear: It is important to use your ears during playing. This is because it will help you determine the correct note, the correct beat, and the correct tempo that is needed in a musical sheet.

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