How to Pack For a Day-Long Hiking Trip

How to Pack For a Day-Long Hiking Trip


A day hike for us means family hiking. If it means just the two of you the same essentials apply, just less of them. Take these five pointers into consideration for your next day hike.

1. We use a lightweight day pack and bring along a layer of warmth and water resistance clothing. That might mean an extra long sleeved t-shirt and a lightweight rain proof jacket with a hood. It can also mean a pair of mitts or gloves if we're hiking in cooler temperatures.

2. We always make sure we have enough water with us. If we're going for a long hike in the summertime we bring along our water purifier to pump water along the way. Running out of drinkable water should never be an option for any hiker.

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3. Snacks and a meal. For an easy way to keep yourselves well fed along your hike, pack up a couple of sandwiches made with a good source of protein, carbs and some veggies are thrown in.

Bring along some healthy satisfying snacks like nuts, dried fruit or maybe a piece of fresh fruit. We also like to treat ourselves with some dark chocolate as well.

4. We like to bring along our cell phone as a just in case precaution. Some areas for day hiking are out of cell range and it's something to keep in mind. If you are going into the backcountry where you don't expect to encounter any other hikers you might want to consider alternate methods of emergency communication such as the SPOT device.

5. Small hiking first aid kit. You just never know when you snag yourself or need tweezers for a sliver. Our day hiking first aid kit carries the bare essentials to take care of minor injuries.

When we're hiking with our kids we like to make sure they really enjoy their hiking experience too and we usually provide them with a digital camera to use, maybe some binoculars and we sometimes bring along our bug and bird book. Kids love to explore and teach us a thing or two and they really enjoy looking some new insect up in the book and learning about it.

When we hike with our dog we make sure to have some dog food and treats for him as well as fresh water. Often on the hikes we do there is lots of water for dogs along the way but just in case we bring along a collapsible water bowl for him too.

With a few simple hiking essentials, your backpack won't be heavy and you'll be ready for just about anything on your next day hike.

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