How to Go Green With a More Energy Efficient Living Space

How to Go Green With a More Energy Efficient Living Space


Welcome to the future, after looking at yet another movie show on TV about mankind and our mismanagement of the planets natural resources I started looking for ways to be a part of the solution.

If we continue to drain the earth we will pay a high price as the world's resources diminish and our children inherit a barren earth scorched by our ignorance. After all how much oil can the planet provide to fuel our so called "progress"?

As with anything else that we have control of we should start with our own homes, the following list of steps below will help you have a more energy efficient dwelling. If enough thoughtful people participate in extending the life of our precious non-renewable resource we ultimately buy time for our future generations to develop more solutions that will improve conditions for all humans.

4 Steps to creating more clean energy efficiency in our homes:

  • Check energy star ratings for different appliances and use those that have less impact on our environment and use less power. An example would be a qualified compact fluorescent light bulb, CFL last longer and burns 75 percent lower power than a much less efficient incandescent light bulb.

  • Another thing you can do that is fairly easy is create a garden with low maintenance herbs, fruits and vegetables. Then using biodegradable waste products from your kitchen fertilise your garden and establish a compost pit.

  • Be sure to thoroughly check for leaks in your housing structure then seal whenever possible weather stripping, storm windows and proper insulation if and where needed. By using less energy to heat or cool your house you lower your expense and can live comfortably while having less impact on the planet.

  • Quality landscaping like deciduous trees and shrubs facing the west of your building will help block the suns solar radiation as well as moderate high-temperature extremes and compensate for the lower quality of air. Planting these types of trees can empower your homes ability to be greener and energy efficient.

To know more tips on how to make your home more energy efficient, contact Frys Energywise today for any enquiries and consultation that you need.


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