Most of the time when we’re looking to have some “work done” we want it to transform our look but only in the most subtle ways. Recently in the news there have been several reports of Hollywood celebrities and their “changing faces”, resulting in an almost unrecognisable look by the public post cosmetic surgery.

There is an art to looking “well-rested and refreshed” without changing your appearance completely. So how do you avoid the typical Hollywood overdone look?

What It Looks Like If You’ve Done Too Much

Brow Lift
-Your brows may look excessively elevated with an unnatural shape to them, resulting in your face looking “surprised” all the time.

Face Lift
-You skin looks extremely tight and pulled back.

Nose Job Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
-Your nose looks small and thin with flared nostrils and an excessively pointy tip.

Lip Enhancement
-Your lips look overly filled and appear stretched out. Shapeless lips that extrude or look lumpy can also be an indication that you’ve gone too far with the fillers.

Eye Lid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
-Your upper eyelids look really wide or hollowed out. Your lower eyelids appear too rounded or look like they are being pulled down.

Breast Augmentation
-Your cup sizes look oddly large and disproportionate to the rest of your body frame.

-Your skin post-operation looks aged and appears crinkly, lumpy or rippled.

Cosmetic Injections
-When you have a frozen or expression-less look on your face or an abnormal fullness to areas such as your upper lips, it is usually a giveaway that you’ve overdone the injectable.

Celebrity and societal culture has definitely played a part in making people become overly obsessed with procedures to fix every little “flaw” or “imperfection” they see. We are constantly scrutinising over the way celebrities look and consequently we start to do it to ourselves as well. Unfortunately this has led to many cases where patients have developed an unhealthy addiction to “getting work done” resulting in unnecessary surgeries performed on a single body part or rushing into procedures that are not well-tailored to their anatomy. Excessive surgery can make someone look bizarre and essentially not like you.

The thing to keep in mind is, undergoing surgery to change your face should never be the end goal. Spending a fortune on Plastic Surgery will also not guarantee the best results. Your face looking distorted or completely different from the original you goes completely against Dr Edinburg’s.


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