History of Clay Pigeon Shooting

History of Clay Pigeon Shooting


Clay shooting is the art of aiming at special flying targets. This sports activity has a long history as it was commenced way back in 1880. At that time, pheasant and grouse shooting were mainly popular in the UK.

During the period from 1883-1887, significant changes in shooting were witnessed when the first clay target was introduced in the game.

This form of clay shooting was well included in the Victorian and Edwardian hunting parties, where numerous birds were used as targets. People used to do regular practice of their shooing skills. In fact, institutions such as the Shooting Schools in London catered the desires and installed traps and towers that would facilitate flight of game birds. Later, many others targets were introduced as a discipline in shooting. Also, during this era only, it was given the name of sporting and tournaments were held in London to promote this sporting activity.

Before initiation of clay shooting, the game of glass ball was quite popular in England that took place in several parts of the United States. Historically, the first tournament of glass ball was held in 1867 in Boston. But, due to some reasons, it didn't get its desired place.

In France, clay shooting went under a real revolution when the first hand-throwing device, the "Hand Trap" was used in shooting in the year 1927. That inventor of the throwing device was known as, Emile Laporte. In this shooting sport, targets are thrown from a machine known as a trap. The trap is made up of a spring which was loaded with throwing metal arm. The machine can throw the targets up to the distances covering the range the area of 135metres. In 1980s, automatic traps were developed, giving a boost to the clay shooting sport and encouraging people to take up the challenge.

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