Energy Efficient House: Things You Can Do to Save Electricity at Home

Energy Efficient House: Things You Can Do to Save Electricity at Home


When you make your house energy efficient, you can lower your monthly electricity bills. If you are diligent, you can save up to 35% of your utility bills.

On top of this, the efforts you put in contribute to making the environment a better one to live in, for yourself and your children. This is because when you use less electricity and burn less fuel, less carbon dioxide gets released into the atmosphere. There will thus be fewer greenhouse gases. The ill-effects of global warming will also slow down.

There are a few ways you can save electricity at home. Here is a checklist for you:

1. Turn lights off when you are not using it

Many lights around the house are often left on even when nobody is using it. Some are kept on perpetually, even during the day. If it is difficult to change habits, using timers and motion detectors can help you save a lot of electricity. Another tip is to change all your incandescent bulbs to energy-saving bulbs. Nowadays, LED lamps are also available. They consume very little current and can be very bright. Therefore they are ideal for lighting energy efficient homes.

2. Use energy efficient electrical appliances

Sooner or later, your appliances will break and you will be shopping for a new one. When you do, take note that common appliances nowadays are labelled with an Energy Star sticker. On this sticker is information about the energy consumption of this appliance. With this information, you can pick an appliance that is both practical and energy efficient.

3. Improve heating and cooling efficiency

The best way to improve heating and cooling efficiency is to work on your insulation. Most of the heat in your house is lost through the roof, windows and doors. Work on these first, and then make sure your walls are properly insulated. If you give proper attention to good insulation at home, you can save as much as 30% on heating bills. This is well worth it.

However if budget is a constraint, there is still no need to delay this work. You can always insulate the family room first. When there are more resources, then work on your master bedroom. The rest of the rooms can wait.

4. Cover your swimming pool

You swimming pool lose a lot of heat as water evaporates. The way to solve this is to cover it with a solar pool cover. This invention helps to convert sunlight into heat, thus warming your pool. On top of that, it prevents excess evaporation. Therefore heat can be kept in the pool for the entire day.

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