Energy Efficient Home Ideas To Consider

Energy Efficient Home Ideas To Consider


Several households are now opting for the green solutions for their home in an effort to reduce their expenses and their carbon footprint. With the evolving technology, different approaches have been discovered and developed to create environment-pro houses and structures because ecological awareness is becoming a new trend. The improvement of the quality of life while reducing energy consumption is one of the focus areas of technological development studies.

There are several ideas on approaches for energy efficient homes. These ideas include the simplest ones like rearranging to be able to create a good space enough for natural lighting and for ventilation, there are even expensive and complex ideas like having solar panels and wind turbines that help generate natural energy to produce electricity, there are building concepts that use the right materials to provide the right temperature inside the house.

Some apply ancient architectural strategies such as the concept of rammed earth structures to create comfortable living conditions yet maintain an aesthetically pleasing design. Houses built out of rammed earth materials are almost the same price as traditional solid masonry would cost but in the long run, it can help you save more on maintenance since it is durable. Aside from this, structures built out of this material remain warm during winter and cool during summer and can withstand different climate changes. It, therefore, reduces the cost of energy consumed when using electrically powered HVAC. Moreover, pests like termites wouldn't be a problem because these materials are resistant.

Architects and builders these days also use recycling and up-cycling. Different countries have already adapted to the trend in using old materials to recreate something new and useful such as recycling a home to reduce carbon emissions. A recent project was launched to study the energy consumption of a home and its carbon dioxide emissions through a span of thirty years right from the time it has been constructed right up to its demolition. The project is still currently in progress, however, there were several strategies derived from it to help achieve the goals and they have proven to be very effective.

Reports say that the demonstration model home has a framework made of untreated wood. It was the choice for the particular project given that steel and reinforced concrete emit higher amounts of carbon dioxide. The home has about twenty sensor devices that were positioned in strategic areas throughout the house. The researchers can easily observe the amount of sunlight, energy consumption and conservation, actual room temperature, etc. It has been observed that wood framework is an ideal material for home building.

Lastly, it will always be a good idea to go for eco-friendly home appliances such as LED lighting. By doing so, you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.

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