Easy Tips to Follow to Save on Energy Bills This Winter

Easy Tips to Follow to Save on Energy Bills This Winter


Winter is a period of worry for many people that can't afford the costly energy bills. There are some things that you can do at home to keep these costs down this winter and for winter to come.

If you have central heating in your home, simply by reducing the thermostat by one degree can drastically reduce your bill through the winter. If you can manage it, try to reduce the thermostat to three degrees and don't have the heating running through the evening. If you don't have central heating and you have a standalone heater there are other options.

Replacing your curtains with thermal lined curtains can help to keep the heating within the room from seeping outside. The curtain will also keep the cold outside and stop the cold air from seeping into the room. These curtains help to insulate the window and it has been proven to keep the room warm and reduce the amount of heating that a person uses. If you do not want to replace or cannot afford to replace your curtains, you can buy the lining as a separate package and you can attach them to your existing curtains. An added benefit to using these curtains is that they can keep your room cool during the summer months too. This means that you will save on air conditioner costs. They can also be used as blackout curtains if you want to keep your room dark from outside lighting.

Most heat is lost through the roof in the homes, so it is worth installing insulation into the loft. This insulation makes a dramatic difference to keep in the heat. Having your loft insulated can be quite expensive, but it will pay for itself after a couple of years as they are so efficient at keeping the house warm.

You can consult Frys Energywise for any home energy saving tips that you need!


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