An article by WFMZ* reports of 60 year old fit model Helen Powers seeking Face Lift Surgery to tackle the unwanted changes she started seeing on her face. Whilst Helen was very happy with her body figure, she did notice that the sides of her face had started to sag.

Interestingly, Helen is among the growing number of older women and men choosing Plastic Surgery as means to refresh and rejuvenate their appearance. At Eden, we are also observing a similar trend.

As we age, there is no doubt that our facial features will start to change. In your 30s-40s, generally lines and wrinkles can become more obvious. As you approach your 50s-60s, you may start to notice a loss in facial volume and shape as well as a change in the quality of your skin. Wrinkles and lines are often more defined and you may see sagging of the facial skin, jowls and neck.

If you have these concerns and would like to restore more youthfulness to your face, a Face Lift Surgery may be suitable.

This procedure involves making an incision along your hairline and the ear, so that the underlying facial muscle tissues can be tightened. In the process, any excess skin and fat is also removed.

When you’re researching about Face Lifts, you may come across the term ‘deep plane technique’. This is not a new technique in the surgical world however it is highly effective. Also known as the SMAS Face Lift (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System), the deep plane technique involves targeting and tightening the deeper underlying layers of the skin, which provides the main structure for the youthful and firm appearance of the face.

All of Dr Edinburg’s Face Lifts uses this plane because it targets all the layers of the face – not just the skin, generating optimal results for the long term. If the SMAS layer is not targeted, you may find skin re-sagging quite quickly post-surgery, which is not ideal and can lead to immense disappointment.

A Face Lift is quite popular amongst patients who are between the ages of 50-60. At Eden, our patients who come in for Facial Rejuvenation generally don’t want changes that distort their natural look. Rather they just want to look like themselves, only not so tired-looking, so aged-looking and more vibrant. Did you also know that Face Lift surgery is often combined with non-surgical treatments such as Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxers, to further enhance the results?

One thing to keep in mind – Face Lifts are very tailored procedures and at the Eden Institute.


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