Be More Energy Efficient This Winter and Save on Utility Costs

Be More Energy Efficient This Winter and Save on Utility Costs


Everyone is conscience about the environment, and being more energy efficient is not just about saving the environment, but also helping you save money. So, by changing a few things in your home this winter will keep your bank manager happy and the environmentalists happy too.

You may have to spend a certain amount of money to be more energy efficient, but in time you will recoup this money back. How far you go to making these changes is up to you and up to how much you can afford. You may want to do some changes this winter and perhaps more changes next winter.

A simple and fairly cheap start to saving money is by looking at your window treatments. This may sound strange, and perhaps this isn't what you would expect to start saving on heating costs. You can actually buy thermal lined curtains that help to insulate your windows. These curtains look just like any standard curtain, except they have a special insulated lining built into the curtain. This lining stops any heat within the room from escaping through the window. At the same time, the curtain will stop the outside cold air from entering the room.

An added bonus to these types of curtains is that they can be used to block outside light. This is helpful if your bedroom is near an outside streetlight for instance. Perhaps you want your living room to be darker so that you don't have direct sunlight shining on the TV screen.

Although the next tip is more expensive, it is worth getting your loft insulated. Most of the heat in the home escapes through the roof. Having your ceiling insulated can drastically decrease the amount of heating you will use in the home as the house will stay warmer for longer.

To know more energy saving tips this winter, you can consult Frys Energywise today!


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