An Open Letter to Fellow Mortgage Brokers

An Open Letter to Fellow Mortgage Brokers


So how do you acquire a healthy self-esteem? Here are six ways of learning how to like yourself.

1. Be honest with yourself and others

It is important to be able to follow through on promise you make to clients, even to yourself. Do not promise what you cannot deliver. As an example, say a friend asks you help him to move house. You know you will be very busy that weekend but you don’t want to let your friend down. If you agree to help and then don’t run up, you will not only be letting your friend down, you’ll feel guilty about it and guilt feeling eats away at your self-esteem. Be honest; say that you have prior commitments. Offer to come over for a couple of hours or to help with odd jobs on the following weekend instead.

2. Realise that procrastination erodes self-esteem

If you continually put things off, you never feel as if you accomplish anything. Healthy self-esteem goes hand in with a sense of achievement. If the task is dauntingly large, break it into smaller items. That way it will not seem to take as long to complete, and each successfully completed step will give you the feeling you have accomplished something. Write down when you plan to accomplish each item and tick it off as you finish. An example could be spring-cleaning the office, something you have put off because it’s too big a job. Divide the task up into manageable parts.

  • Tidy Up Leads

  • Call Old Clients

  • Write An Article

  • Make a video

Write on your planner when you are going to do each part and keep it as a firm commitment. This may seem a minor task, but remember, if it’s important enough to worry you because it’s not yet done, then it is important as anything else in your planner.

3. Know who you are and what you believe

Self-esteem is also dependent on having a belief system and behaving according to those beliefs. Do you know what you believe in, and why? Do you have opinions or do you just parrot those of others? Or are you afraid of stating your opinions? It might help to write down your beliefs and then explain them to an imaginary audience. Your beliefs are a vital part of your personality; once you have a grasp of who you are, your self-esteem can develop.

4. Realise you are as valuable as anyone else

If you do not believe this, your self-esteem is non-existent. You need to develop the ability to distinguish between constructive and destructive criticism. Many people with poor self-esteem are highly critical of themselves and take criticism from others personally. Counselling can be helpful in dealing with this problem; it also helps to ask yourself: “Am I over-reacting? Can I learn anything positive from this criticism?

5. Learn the art of positive thinking

Many people have a negative view of the world ever heard the word 'whinging pom' can be often located in such global locations such as Australia. How about you? Do you have a tendency to fear the worst in every situation? You can change the way you think, but it takes continual practice. When you wake up every morning, try saying: “what a great day! I will approach everything as positively as I can today”; because if you wake up thinking: “oh hell, another day to get through” then hell is what it is likely to be.

6. Managing Stress

Applying for a mortgage is stressful however writing an application for a client can also be stressful As we’ve seen, stress plays a part in the development of depression. So it certainly makes sense to limit the negative effect of stress in your life. Learning to manage stress will improve your mental health and your ability to deal more effectively with depression. There are a number of excellent stress management programs run by various organisations. Some large companies offer them because they recognize the positive gains in terms of more effective personnel. Does your workplace offer such course? If not, health promotion units attached to many public hospitals run low-cost stress management programs; check them out.

Stay positive and continue to help yourself and others.

At Yellow Brick Road Schofields & Windsor we love to help people achieve their hopes and dreams, right now it may be as simple as providing budget guidance, down the track it might be buying your first home or maybe you have a mortgage and other consumer debts that you are able to refinance and ease the financial pressure amongst other things. We are a full financial services business and would love to assist you, your family and your friends my number is 0468612617.


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