An Energy Efficient Dream Home is Possible

An Energy Efficient Dream Home is Possible


What does your dream home look like? Is it over six thousand square feet with an open concept? Or is it a small ranch that sits out on a wooded site overlooking a small stream? We all have our dream house in the back of our mind. We then settle for the house we can afford at the right location, but the dream remains. The fact is that with advanced building technologies being put to use by a good contractor we no longer have to settle. We can have our dream home.

Today, building codes and people looking to build new homes are demanding that contractors build homes that save on energy. At first, this might discourage someone because he or she may incorrectly believe that their dream home cannot be a home that saves energy. But, building an energy efficient house that meets the desired design specifications of its owner is very possible. The answer is in using the best type of material to build a home.

There are of course many materials to choose from when building a home. The best material, that does not limit the dreams of the home owner, is concrete. Specifically, a person looking to build a new home should look for a contractor who is familiar with insulated concrete forms. By using concrete form insulation to build a home a contractor does not limit the type of home that can be built, and he or she ends up building a very efficient home.

The efficiency of the home is seen during the construction process. As a people see a home built using insulated concrete forms, they will notice that the concrete house walls seem to be created by stacking Lego's on top of one another. This is actually the foam form that the concrete is going to be poured into; however, the energy saving comes from the foam as well. When the concrete is poured to form the walls it seals itself to the foam, thus creating a very efficient home.

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