6 Star Energy Rating: What You Need to Know

6 Star Energy Rating: What You Need to Know


What building work is subject to a 6-star energy rating?

All new homes, renovations and additions (class 1), including habitable garages or sheds (class 10a), apartments (class 2) and a dwelling within a commercial building (class 4). Some simple work that does not require a building permit will not need a 6-star energy rating.

What are the requirements?

A 6-star energy efficiency rating applies to the building envelope: the roof, walls, floor and windows. A report prepared by an Accredited Assessor is required to provide evidence that the building achieves a 6-star rating. The assessor can provide recommendations for changes to the design if it does not initially reach 6 stars. New homes also require the installation of a solar hot water system or rainwater tank for toilet flushing.

What does the higher rating mean?

For home owners, it means a house that is more naturally comfortable for longer periods of the year. A house that uses less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature should mean reduced utility bills, and also the potential for a higher resale value. Environmental benefits can also be seen through reduced greenhouse emissions.

What design changes will be required?

You can achieve 6 stars a variety of ways. Supposedly increased insulation to suspended floors, walls and roof will be needed. Improved glazing may not be necessary if other elements are good - e.g. Orientation, insulation, and appropriate shading - however, many homes will require double glazing to achieve 6 stars.

Will it cost more to build to 6 Star?

Increased costs to reach 6 stars should be minimal if the building has good design and orientation for its specific location. In any case, it makes good financial sense to seek the right advice from a reputable Accredited Assessor to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.

What do new home builders need to do?

New home builders are required to hire an Accredited Assessor to perform an Energy Rating Assessment on the design before a building permit can be issued. The assessor can also provide recommendations for changes to the design and specifications if it does not initially reach 6 stars.

If renovating or extending, will you need to bring the entire home up to 6 Star?

If you're doing an alteration or extension, and its volume is 50 per cent or more of the existing home, the whole house needs to be brought up to 6 stars.

What if the design options to reach 6 Star are technically difficult or cost prohibitive?

The building surveyor can use discretion to allow partial compliance if it is considered that reaching 6 Star would cause excessive hardship (compared to the resulting benefit) or be technically not possible. E.g. An exemption may be granted if insulation were required within existing double brick walls in order to achieve 6 stars.

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