5 Delicious and Easy Thai Sauces and Condiments

5 Delicious and Easy Thai Sauces and Condiments


Thailand food is known in Australia and the sauces are amazing. Some of them even simple to make. Here are 5 Thai sauces you can make at home or buy in Asian groceries store.

Pad Thai Sauce

This sauce is quite easy to make with only a few things you need like fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, and tamarind, you can already have this sauce with you. Pad Thai Sauce will season your Pad Thai Noodles and if you are too lazy to make it, an Asian market near you might sell Pad Thai Sauce in a jar.

Thai Suki Sauce

Thai Suki Sauce is the perfect companion for your hotpot but also tastes super good for your noodle. You can find this sauce in your Asian market too if you feel like you just want to dip your vegetables and meats right in the sauce and eat happily.

Tom Yum Paste

Consists of fresh herbs, Tom Yum Paste is good when you are craving tom yum soup. You can find this sauce in The Valley Grocer located at 15 Little Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY, QLD 4006, Australia for only 4.05 AUD.

Thai Cucumber Relish

Whenever you serve satays, it is best to serve with sauce. If you are bored of using the same sauce, try Thai cucumber relish or Ajad. Thai cucumber relish is a bright, fresh, crisp, simple, and delicious dipping sauce. You only need white vinegar, white sugar, salt, water, cucumber, red onion, red chilli, and cilantro leaves to make it. Simple isn't it?

Traditional Thai Sauce

This traditional Thai sauce or Nam Prik Nam Pla is another sauce that you should try. This is the most common sauce in Thailand and everyone can easily make it. You will see this sauce exactly everywhere because you only need two ingredients to make it namely high-quality fish sauce and Thai chilli.

So, which Thai sauces do you like? If you can't find an Asian market near you, try shopping at The Valley Grocer right now!

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