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Frequently Asked Questions --- Troubleshooting

  • Duplicate/Incorrect listings
    Sometimes Top4 can have more than one listing for your business (our sincere apologies). If you already have a correct listing, just submit the incorrect duplicate for removal on our contact us page.
  • How do I remove copyrighted material/private info?
    If you have found a copyrighted photo, blog or other material being used on the our site and you have not authorised use of this material, we will remove the material. Please email your documents and information to us.
  • Why can't I find my listing?
    If you have troublefinding your listings, here are a few possible suggestions for it:

    1. Check your login details. It is quiet possible that you have multiple logins and have signed up into the wrong one. If that is the case, sign out and sign in again.

    2. Recency: A listing just published may sometimes take a few minutes to reflect in our domain. That is completely normal. Just try again in a couple of minutes and you should be able to view your listings.

    3. With every new listing, the preceding ones go a step down the ladder. It is possible that your listing is pushed out of the first page. In that case, you can Bump-Up your listing to top of the category.

    4. Technicality: Although extremely rare, it could be possible that our server is having technical issues in updating the listings. Get in touch with us through our 'contact us' page and we will have someone look into it immediately.
  • Why can't I login?
    We're sorry you're having trouble logging in. Have you tried resetting your browser? Often times, this will immediately clear up any login troubles.

    Top 4 Solutions:

    1. Reset your Browser - Cache/cookie issues tend to cause the most login trouble.

    2. Try a different email - You may be using the wrong email to login - try to recall the email you used to set up the account.

    3. Claim the Listing - It sounds silly, but you might be trying to access an unclaimed business listing. In this case, just visit the listing page and click the option to claim it! Or request to remove it if you find its a duplicate.

    4. Carefully enter your password and remember passwords are CASE sensitive. If you think you have forgotten your password, click the 'Forgot your Password' option

    Still can’t login? If all else fails you can always send an email to us, we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Why did I stop receiving Top4 emails?
    You may accidentally opted out of our email system. Click here to check your email status and opt back in if needed. Remember, you can visit your Email and Marketing Preferences to manage which emails you receive. If you still aren't receiving emails, make sure your email client is not spamming us (check your junk mail!)
  • Why won't Top4 take my email?
    If you are having trouble entering a login email or editing a login email, it's probably already on file for another listing. Each listing must have a unique email and unfortunately removing an old listing does not remove the email from our system. Try using a different email, this should solve the problem.
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