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Scented Candles Store - Robertson, NSW

ZOCO Candles is the best scented candles store in Robertson, NSW. All of our candles are handmade in Southern Highlands using premium scented coconut and soy candles, and pure oils.

ZOCO Candles is the best scented candles store in Robertson, NSW, Australia. We make premium soy candles from the finest ingredients available to us. Our candle studio is proudly based in the green rolling hills of Robertson in the southern highlands of NSW, where everywhere you look there are another new 50 shades of green.

Living and working surrounded by such spectacular landscape really help when creating new fragrances, tapping into the elements and habitats for inspiration.

The Zoco fragrances are exclusively developed by us/for us. Our aim is to produce the best possible quality candle with subtle and sophisticated scents. Never overpowering, our scents will gently fill a room.

Our candles are one of the finest scented candles in Australia. They are hand made in our dedicated candle studio, using old fashioned methods of wax melting and blending and pouring. We pour daily in small batches to ensure accuracy and quality. Embrace any slight surface imperfections - they show that your candle has been hand made and without machines.

Feedback - please get in touch to give us your feedback. We love to hear from you, good and not so good!

Do not hesitate to visit ZOCO Candles if you are looking for some scented candles that are made with love and dedication!


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