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Web Hosting - Thornlands, QLD

Innovative Web Designs & Hosting is a website design business located in Brisbane serving businesses who want a great web site. Customer Focused, Results Driven

One of the reasons for professional web designs is the capability to attract new customers. As customers head the internet, they will have access to the business's products, services or information, where otherwise they may not have even known the company existed.

That is why a well-conceived website is key to attracting potential customers, but it's not all about the design, it's also about the content. The design is just the beginning, and the good content is what will bring your website back to your ideal target market.

Content is everything! In a perfect world, every business that ran on cash would be earning an annual six-figure profit, but unfortunately, we are not in a "perfect world". In order to achieve profitability, businesses must make do with what they have. Companies must make good use of what they have available, as losing time is money lost.

The same applies to web designs, but it's not just about the design. Websites do not run on graphics, just images and text. In order to get more customers, businesses need to focus on the content of their websites, which means focusing on their products.

A website that merely says "We have a great range of products", will not convince anyone. This type of website will attract customers, but it will make none of them happen. Customers will find your product difficult to find, and your business name in the footer will not be helpful.

What you need to do is attract customers with your website. Make your website about your business and make sure no one can miss the fact that you sell anything. In order to convince your visitors, you need to provide them with reasons to take action. In addition to a great website design, there are several things you can do to make your website appealing to your prospective customers.


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Innovative Web Designs & Hosting is a web design business located in Brisbane serving small to medium size businesses who want a great web site. We aim to provide our clients with outstanding value, quality and service

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