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Security Services - Ipswich, QLD

Specialised Security Service is a security professional based in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. We offer a range of services from Security Alarm to Uniformed Guards.


Started its operations in June 1977, Specialised Security Service is an experienced security service provider from Ipswich, Queensland.

As a security service provider in Ipswich, QLD, Specialised Security Service has a dedicated team with a commitment to developing appropriate solutions to the needs of our clients. This is achieved by thinking and acting in a positive environment, finding opportunities not barriers.

We are aiming to be the most reliable security service provider to our clients in Ipswich and Brisbane area. Therefore, the objective of Specialised Security Service is to provide the most effective level of service quality, reliability and cost.

Specialised Security Service aspires to maintain the highest level of satisfaction, health and well-being of our clients and employees. Because, at Specialised Security Service, we believe in the importance of prosperity through competitiveness.

Specialised Security Service is a Member of ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited). Therefore, we are a reputable and trustworthy security service in Australia.

Specialised Security Service offers a range of security services in Ipswich and Brisbane area, including:

• Alarm Installations

• CCTV Installations

• Uniformed Guards

• Event Security

We also serve our clients with Mobile Patrols, 24-hour Alarm Monitoring, and Crowd Controllers.

Looking for the most reliable security service provider in Queensland? Specialised Security Service is the answer. Contact us right away for the best security services in Queensland!


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What do Mobile Patrols do?

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