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Scented Candles Store - Rockingham, WA

We are scented candles shop in Perth, WA. We offer fragrant products at highly competitive prices. We are constantly increasing our skills to bring new and exciting styles of candles and melts.

We are a scented candles shop located in Perth, WA. We hand-pour candles and candle melts, as well as sell accessories. We are also using 100% high-quality natural soy wax.

Like many people during the Covid-19 situation, we had a lot of time on our hands. We started to make scented candles, we found it enjoyable and relaxing. So we decided to start selling and see how it goes. Look at us now, we're only getting better and people are enjoying our candles. We strive to continue delivering quality candles, at fair prices.

Why Ozzie's?

We offer fragrant products at highly competitive prices. We are constantly increasing our skills to bring new and exciting styles of candles and melts. We also offer a jar buy-back discount which varies with size.

We select only the finest materials to ensure that every candle is of unmatched quality. The scents of our candles are not created to be overpowering, so you can enjoy a delicate layer of something truly alluring.


What Are the Benefits of Soy Candles?

Not all soy candles are created the same way. Get to know the benefits of soy candles compared to paraffin. candles.

Tips on using scented candles

How can I make the fragrance from scented candles last in my living room? The smell seems to disappear quickly once I put out the flame. Say no more, here’s your answer:

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Get a Better Sleep with Scented Candles

Need help to fall asleep easily and make your sleep better? Try our scented candles. And these are the top 4 scented candles to make your sleep better

6 Scents That Can Boost Your Mood and Productivity

Smell is the strongest of the senses and is best able to influence brain activity. Some say that aromatherapy scent is not effective to improve your mood and productivity. But, is it really?

The Truth About Scented Candles

While people with asthma, allergy, or chemical sensitivity are more likely to be impacted by scented candles, exposure to the chemicals they contain isn’t a great for anyone.

Love Is In The Air: The Best Candle Scents & Settings For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and candles are a sweet and simple way to spread the love. With their warm glow and alluring scents, candles can soften the ambiance of any room and evoke a sense of intimacy.

5 Pro Tips to Remember Before Buying Your Next Scented Candle

Print this out and take it with you when you’re shopping.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Scented Candles

When you enter a store, you've probably stopped at the candles aisle to take a sniff at the fancy-named candles. What is it about scented candles that attract so many people to purchase them?

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