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Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton, the CEO and Director of Life Resolutions
, shared the same vision of making mental healthcare more accessible for all Australians, irrespective of location.

Get Ahead Of Isolation Anxiety

A weekend at home can be refreshing. Taking some time out to relax in front of the TV or get some laundry done can be incredibly therapeutic. Although, after a few weeks of staying home, isolation begins to take its toll on the best of us. With no end in sight, the anxiety can start creeping in. To help you stay ahead of it, we’ve pulled together a list of useful tips on how to stay mentally fit in isolation.

Ten Tips To Stay Mentally Fit During Social Isolation

1.Stick To A Routine

Change is a big part of what makes us feel anxious and stressed, so make an effort to minimise the impact of staying home all the time by sticking to your usual routine where possible. You may not be able to actually go to work, but you can get dressed, brush your teeth, have breakfast and do most of the other things that tell your brain that it’s time to start the day. You can even go so far as to sit quietly and listen to the podcast or radio for half an hour as you would on the way to work. During the week, make an effort to get up in the morning and go to bed at the same time every day, as you normally would.

2.Try Not To Snack More Than Usual

When you’re at home all day, it’s too easy to pop to the kitchen and back for a biscuit here and there, or maybe a sandwich. There’s a big chance that the monotony of isolation will trick you into thinking you’re hungry. However, eating too much can affect both your productivity and your physical health. Carrying a water bottle around the house with you can help to stave off boredom masquerading as hunger. Try to restrict your snacks where possible and eat proper meals three times a day.

3.Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

As much as we know you don’t want to hear it, alcohol can have a big effect on your mental health. It might seem tempting to have a few glasses of wine while you’re working from home, away from the judgemental eyes of co-workers, or start your afternoon drinks a few hours earlier than you normally would, but the fact is it’s just not good for you. Regular alcohol consumption, even at low to moderate levels, has been linked to all kinds of physical and mental health issues. Try to maintain a few alcohol-free days throughout the week.

4.Stay Active

Despite the many restrictions on leaving the house these days, you’re still allowed outside, and exercise works wonders when it comes to anxiety. Staying at home could make you feel trapped, so try to leave its confines at least once a day

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