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JCL Legal is a local Sydney Law Firm that takes the time to understand your needs. The team at JCL Legal incorporates over 60 years of legal, migration and small business experience.

Welcome to the best law firm in Sydney, JCL Legal!

JCL Legal is a local Sydney Law Firm that takes the time to understand your needs. The team at JCL Legal incorporates over 60 years of legal, migration and small business experience.

JCL Legal Services are:

• Civil Litigation

• Family and De Facto

• Statutory Demand

• Non Exec Director

• Criminal Lawyer

• In House Counsel

• Notary Public

• Solicitors Agent

• Immigration Agent

Jeffrey Choy also re-registered as an Immigration Agent, MARN registration number 1169679.

JCL Legal team uses alongside an extensive knowledge of the law, firsthand business, mediation and personal growth experience to determine the best way forward. We want to know your story, we want to know how you wish to resolve your concern and how resolution fits into your full life circumstance. Only after we have heard and ensured that we understand you completely will we make any comment or provide any advice.

The law is complex and difficult to understand so we make sure we take the time to make sure you thoroughly understand and then how we will work with our knowledge of the law to obtain the best possible result. If you or someone you know needs help with any legal issues in Sydney NSW, please have them contact JCL Legal or call Jeffrey on 0419 233 670 today.


You need to know these things before you sell your house!

It is very important that when you draft a Contract for Sale for a property that proper enquiries are made and the seller provides all relevant information and mandatory documents with the Contract

I've Been Served a Statement of Claim, Please Help Me!

In all relationships equal respect for each other is mandatory. Parties need to understand each other with common respect.

Violence and intimidation in personal relationships is not tolerated in Australia.

This has been well recognised and the legislators have enacted the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 in New South Wales to protect persons from various types of abuse, such as physical.

Legal Help For Unfair Dismissal In Sydney

If your employment comes to an end before it legally should, you may have a claim for unfair dismissal. Read on to know when you need legal help for unfair dismissal in Sydney.

Cyberbullying Lawyer: How to Combat Cyberbullying with Defamation Laws

Cyberbullying can have serious negative impacts on children and adults. In some cases, it can also become a crime. What to do when you are a victim of cyberbullying?

I’ve Been Served Documents, Am I Out of Time, Please Help Me!

When documents are sent to a registered address of a person or company there is a specific time for response otherwise certain action will follow.

Why an Advanced Care Directive?

An Advanced Care Directive is a legal document setting out your wishes regarding the type of medical treatment you wish to receive or refuse and the lifestyle that you wish for yourself.

How Can I Settle My Family Property Matter If There is Agreement Between The Parties?

In accordance with the Family Law Act 1975 (the Act), couples may undertake their agreed property settlement either by Consent Orders or by a Binding Financial Agreement.

What Happens If I Lose Mental Capacity?

In the event of such an unforeseen trauma where you have lost your capacity to make decisions, it is imperative to safeguard you and your family

Always Read Documents and Have Them Fully Explained Before Signing by An Independent Advisor

The relationship between child, parent and society is pivotal to how people treat each other. It is a virtue of respect that has been expressed for millennia in every society.

Moral Duty of Deceased’s Will to Provide for Dependents

In NSW, people may make a claim against a will. This may occur if you are closely related, and have relied on the deceased for support.

I've been served a statutory demand, please help me!

It is very important if you've ever been issued with the statute demand, or if you wish to issue a statutory demand to ensure that it complies completely with the legislation.

Things to Consider Before Taking Your Case to the Court

Very often my clients have requested me to take their case to court. However, I believe that starting litigation must always be the last resort as no court case can be predicted with certainty.

Assisting children to buy a home

With the cost of real estate rising, many children are unable to purchase a home without the assistance of their parents. In assisting their child, a parent must be aware of their investment.

When I have changed marriage status do I need to change my will?

When you've changed your marriage status, it's critical to understand how these life events may affect your will. This is especially important with blended families.

The Implications of Ringing Triple-Zero Number

In Australia, when you need assistance and are in dire need, that you should ring triple-zero, 000. This number must only be used when, and only when there is an emergency.

What Happens If I Lose Mental Capacity?

To safeguard you and your family it is prudent to have a Enduring Power of Attorney and an Enduring Guardian with an AHD.

What You Should Know About the Divorce Process in Australia

When your marriage falls apart, seeking family law guidance from an experienced lawyer can help relieve your tension. Here are some things to consider if you're going through a divorce in Australia

I've Been Served a Statutory Demand. Now What?.

It is very important if you've ever been issued with the statute demand, or if you wish to issue a statutory demand to ensure that it complies completely with the legislation.

Is There a Time Limit for Property Settlement?

If you have separated from your spouse or partner, you may be wondering if there is a time limit for settling your property. learn about the time constraints associated with your property settlement.

Rule of Law

Australia is governed by The Rule of Law whereby all people in Australia are treated equally and subjected to the laws of Australia. The Rule of Law is characterised by 4 principles. Read more here.

Guide to Family Law Consent Orders

You have put in the effort by sitting down with your ex-partner to reach an agreement on how to divide your assets and/or the future parenting arrangements for your children. So, what happens next?.

Property Settlement: Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement

When a couple divorces, most would prefer to avoid conversation about property division. That is why we have put together this helpful guide on how to finalize your property settlement in Australia

Understanding Parental Responsibility Laws in Australia

Separating from a former partner or spouse is often a difficult time for both sides. It can be even harder if you share property or have a child together. Learn more about parental responsibility here

Understanding NSW Adoption Law

Adoption is a difficult, emotional, and time-consuming legal process. So, what steps must you take to adopt in NSW? In this post, we answer your most frequently asked questions about adopt a child.

Rising Number of Divorce Case and Domestic Violence During Covid-19 Lockdown

The lockdown has had an impact on how we work, study, shop, and socialize. For the most part, the lockdown is a necessary precaution. It does, however, have a number of unintended consequences.

Things You Should Know About Contesting A Will In NSW

There are many reasons for contesting a deceased’s Will. Here are the things you should know about contesting a Will in NSW.

Apprehended Violence Orders In NSW

In New South Wales, restraining orders are called Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs). Read on to understand the Apprehended Violence Orders in NSW!

How Does Marriage Annulment Work In Australia?

A divorce and a marriage annulment are different. However, 'annulment' is a term used in America, meaning to declare a marriage null and void. So how does marriage annulment work in Australia?

Understanding Parenting Plans In Australia

A parenting plan is an informal written agreement that is dated and signed by both parents. But do you have to make it? Read on to understand parenting plans in Australia.

When A Couple Separates: Who Keeps The Engagement Ring?

When a couple separates: who keeps the engagement ring? It's not uncommon for couples to ask this. Read on to find out more or contact JCL Legal in Sydney CBD today!

Understanding Advance Care Directive In NSW

If you have any wishes regarding an end of life decision, they can be contained in an Advance Care Directive. Read on to understand the Advance Care Directive in NSW!

Understanding Consent Orders For Children In Australia

Disputes over parenting arrangements are stressful times in anyone's life. Often, a consent order is involved. But what is it? Read on to understand consent orders for children in Australia.

Divorce Process In Australia: Things You Should Know

Relationships are complicated. When they end, they can get even more complicated. Read on for the things you should know about the divorce process in Australia!

Meeting Your Family Lawyer For The First Time: What To Prepare

If you're getting ready to go through a divorce, work with a great divorce lawyer in Sydney will help you a lot. When you meet your family lawyer for the first time, what to prepare?

Understanding Estate Planning

Planning your estate is more than just making a will. To understand estate planning in NSW, we have prepared an explanation for you. Contact JCL Legal, the best Sydney lawyer, today!

Top Child Custody Myths People Believe In Australia

Getting a divorce is a confusing and confronting process. With so much information out there online, not all of it is accurate. Read to know the top child custody myths people believe in Australia.

What To Do If Someone Dies Without A Will

Unfortunately, when a person dies, if they did not make a valid will before their death, they die as an intestate. What will happen to their estate and what to do if someone dies without a will?

Have You Been Served with a Statement of Claim?

Have you been served with a statement of claim? Unfortunately, people are facing court action due to outstanding invoices. So what should you do now?

What Debt Collectors Can And Cannot Do

If you’ve fallen from financial security and landed in a difficult situation with debt, know that you still have consumer rights when it comes to how debt collectors treat you.

COVID-19: Chasing Up A Debt During The Pandemic

Recovering your debts during these unprecedented times can be critical to the survival of your business. When your debtors haven't paid the invoices, how should you chase the debt?

Notary Public: Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to notarise your documents for the first time, you might have some questions about the process or who is qualified to witness the documents.

Notary Public vs Justice of the Peace

A Notary Public, Public Notary, and Notary are various descriptions of the same profession. But there's another public officer who can witness documents of a legal and binding nature.

Current COVID-19 Frauds and Scams

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, the way in which people commit crimes does too. Beware of the current COVID-19 scams listed in this article. Read on to find out!

Making a Will: Can I Draft My Own Will?

If you don't have a will, you're not alone. You can make your own will in Australia, but make sure that the will is valid and legally binding by law. If unsure, contact JCL Legal today!

When Should I Hire A Lawyer?

There are many types of legal issues that might require a lawyer's help. Seeing a lawyer and getting some legal advice can help you understand your options to resolve your issues.

What is a Statutory Demand in NSW?

Have you been served a statutory demand? Do you know what is a statutory demand and what to do next? Read on to find out or contact JCL Legal today for any legal helps in Sydney CBD!

Choosing The Best Family and Divorce Lawyer Tips

Separation is hard, and we're here to help. Our family law experts in JCL Legal will guide you to put you on the right track. If you need help with any legal issues in Sydney, contact JCL Legal today!

Deposits and Cooling Off Periods When Buying a Home

In today’s heated real estate market where it seems sellers have the upper hand, real estate agents are encouraging people to immediately sign contracts and pay deposits.

How Honest Should You Be With Your Lawyer?

Honesty between client and attorney is the backbone of any legal case. When they are working to help build your case, how honest should you be? Read on to find out more or contact JCL Legal today!

Should I Update My Will After Separation? | JCL Legal Sydney

If you die after separating from your spouse but before you update your will, there's a big chance that your former spouse will still inherit your assets. Read on to find out or contact JCL Legal now!

Binding Financial Agreement and De Facto Relationship | JCL Legal

Once the romance subsides, your relationship may not be the fairy tale you once imagined. Having a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) for your de facto relationship can help you protect your assets.

Things You Should Never Do During A Separation

Are you considering getting separated, of late? The dissolution of marriage can be genuinely distressing. And hence it is crucial to figure out what not to do during a separation.

Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) part 2 | JCL Legal Sydney

Statistics reveal that one of the primary sources of marriage failure resides with financial matters. This is why a BFA should be made. Keep reading to find out more or contact JCL Legal today!

A Postnuptial: What Is It And Reasons Couples Are Considering It

We’ve all heard of prenuptial agreements made before a couple wed. But what about a prenuptial agreement made AFTER the wedding. Let's say, a postnuptial agreement, perhaps? Do they exist?


At the start of a new year, it's important to protect your personal and family interests with a review of these 3 documents. Read more or contact JCL Legal today if you need legal helps in Sydney!

Parenting Disputes After Separation

Parenting after separation is often more challenging than parenting in intact families. Disputes may arise as well and it will definitely affect your child/ren.

COVID-19 and Parenting: The Effects of the Pandemic on Families

If you have court orders about parenting or a parenting plan, you should follow them unless you have a ‘reasonable excuse’ not to. Keep reading for more information or contact JCL Legal today!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from JCL Legal!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! JCL Legal will be closed over Christmas, but Jeffrey Choy is still available by mobile phone. In case of emergency, call 0419 233 670.

Reasons to Hire a Family Lawyer

If you are having any legal problems in your family that might lead to a legal case, you probably need a family lawyer. Read these reasons to hire a family lawyer or contact JCL Legal today!

Getting a Divorce? 4 Things You Should Know!

Getting a divorce can be hard. And since the process is not exactly easy, you should consider these things before you apply for a divorce in Sydney. Keep reading to find out more!

5 Negotiation Strategies for Resolving a Dispute

Not every dispute needs to end up in litigation, as there are ways to solve the conflict without having to go to court. Read more about that here or contact JCL Legal for more information!

Litigation Lawyer: A Beginner’s Guide to Litigation

Litigation lawyer... You might have heard of that position before, but what is a litigation lawyer actually? Read more here.

The Effect of Marriage and Divorce on Your Will

If you are wondering how your marriage or divorce may affect your will, you have come to the right place. Jeffrey Choy from JCL Legal talks about it in his newsletter. Keep reading to find out!

Differences Between Separation, Divorce, and Marriage Annulment

Ending a relationship is a difficult process. In NSW law, divorce and separation mean two different things, and there's the annulment of marriage as well. What are the differences between these three?

Helping Your Children To Buy A House

If your children are interested in buying a property, you need to be aware of the pitfalls that may befall their investment. Read more here!

What is Probate?

What is probate? In this article, JCL Legal will explain the definition of probate, mostly in New South Wales. Read more here!

Witnessing or Certifying My Document: Who Do I Need?

If you need a document witnessed or certified, do not hesitate to contact JCL Legal today. We are a law firm that understands and we will be happy to assist.

Resolving a Retail Lease Dispute in New South Wales

The Commonwealth Government set up the Mandatory Code of Conduct on Leasing Principles on 7 April 2020. If you're facing rental hardships, keep on reading this article for more information!

Reducing Conflict And Costs In Divorce Property Settlements

Separation and divorce can be expensive, but there are ways that you minimise the costs. Read some tips on how to minimise the costs of property settlement!

Writing a Letter of Demand

If you're having problems getting an invoice paid, you may wish to send a letter of demand to the person that owes you money. Find out what a letter of demand is and how to prepare one.

Property Split After Separation

If you are going through a divorce, you might have been wondering, how would the Family Court divide your property.

3 Reasons You Need Legal Advice on Your Settlement Agreement

Some employees would prefer to sign a settlement agreement without the hassle of getting legal advice first. Everything’s agreed. Everyone’s happy. Why bother finding a solicitor?

What Are Your Legal Obligations to Employees Working From Home?

Many Australian businesses find the Workplace Health and Safety legislation complex at the best of times, but what does it say about ensuring the protection of your employees when they work from home?

Appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney

If you are planning to make an enduring power of attorney for you or your family member, you have come to the right place. Keep reading or contact JCL Legal for more information!

Constructive Trusts and Foreign Beneficiaries

Are you a foreigner planning to buy a property in Australia? Do you know about the additional surcharge that you will have to pay? Keep reading for more information or contact JCL Legal now!

Property Settlement After a Short Marriage

If you are going through a property settlement after a short marriage and need a legal assistance, JCL Legal can help. Learn more about this here or contact us today.

Appoint an Enduring Guardian

If you are planning to appoint an Enduring Guardian for your family member, you have come to the right place. Keep reading or contact JCL Legal for more information!

Should You Commence a Court Case Without Legal Assistance?

Commencing a court case without any legal assistance prior—should you do it? Whilst you are able to do it, you must be very careful. Keep reading for more information or contact JCL Legal today!

What if I Die Without a Will in NSW?

If you are an adult living in NSW, and do not have a legal will prepared it can have significant consequences depending on your particular family situation.

Prenups: Everything You Need to Know

In Australia, a prenup is also knows as Binding Financial Agreement (BFA). We've prepared things you need to know about this agreement through this article. Keep reading!

Advance Care Directive

Many of my clients asked "What is an Advance Care Directive?" If you want to know more about it, keep reading - or contact JCL Legal now!

"Can the Family Court make orders for Child Support?"

One of our clients just called to ask if the Family Court make orders for Child Support. Their concern is understandable, so we have prepared an article here to explain more about this issue.

What is a Public Notary?

In New South Wales, notary publics who are sometimes referred to public notaries, are solicitors or barristers appointed by the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

What to Do with Late Payment of Debts?

If you have a claim against someone it is very important that you take prompt action to obtain your remedy.

Money and Property

A falling relationship is stressful, especially if you need to divide your property with your partner. Should you divide it in half for everything or should you consider your partner’s situations?

Binding Financial Agreement (BFA)

If you are entering a new relationship, be it a marriage or a de facto relationship, one thing that can weight you down is assets. However, you can protect these assets with a BFA or a prenup.

Verbal Agreements and Debts

Often, money is loaned on a verbal agreement between friends and family members. And during this hard time, such agreement can lead to a breakdown in a relationship.

Getting Divorced in Australia

If your marriage has broken down, we can help you navigate divorce proceedings to try and achieve the most amicable outcome. Contact us at 0419 233 670 now.

Family Property Matters

No two marriages are the same and as a result, no two property settlements are the same. JCL Legal is here to help you taking care of this matter during this difficult time. Contact us now.

Recovering My Debts

COVID-19 has brought the most difficult times for some businesses reminiscent of the Great Depression of the 1930s.


Regretfully whilst most people are being respectful, some are using the COVID-19 restrictions to avoid debts owed. Keep on reading to find out more about recovering debt!

When to Use a Debt Collection Service

When it comes to debt collection, sometimes hiring a professional would help you making sure everything goes well. But do you know when do you actually need to hire one?

Commercial Leases and COVID-19

The Commonwealth Government set up the Mandatory Code of Conduct on Leasing Principles on 7 April 2020. If you're facing rental hardships, keep on reading this article for more information!

Debt Recovery

During this hard time, a debt can arise in situations where the debtors have failed to meet their obligation to pay the creditor. Keep on reading to find out more!

Working From Home

I have been approached by many of my clients, both employers and employees, regarding working from home due to the COVID19 restrictions. Click to read more about the regulations for Working From Home.

Electronic Witnessing of Documents

With social distancing, many are fearful to venture outside to undertake necessary legal preparations. At JCL Legal, we are now able to draft and witness documents electronically.

Preparing a Will

In this uncertain time of COVID-19, it is important to ensure that you have a will in place to make certain your estate is handled correctly.

We Are All In This Together

In this time of lock down, stand down and voluntary home detention, negotiation is more important than ever.

We Are Open

Should you need any legal assistance during the Corona Virus crisis we are available and ready to help.

What They Say about Us

We are happy to share such encouraging words from people we have helped. Contact us now for more information.

Newsletter JCL Legal March 2020

For those affected by Covid-19, it is necessary to advise your bank and creditors of your situation. I am providing a draft letter which you can use for rent reduction.

Why do I need to use a Notary Public?

If you are intending to move overseas or do business in another country, it is very likely that you may need to use the services of Notary Public.

Tips to Choose the Best-Suited Notary Public

How to choose the best notary that suits your needs? Read on to find out.

How To Choose A Good Divorce Lawyer

If you are planning to end your marriage, it is essential to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Newsletter JCL Legal March 2020

Falling behind in paying invoices or failing to challenge discrepancies are the situations a business owner may face. What should you do when you received one?

Choosing A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Choosing a criminal justice lawyer is the most important step before you are going to court. The best criminal justice lawyer can help you reduce your penalty.

Civil Litigation: Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Civil Litigation Lawyer

If you are someone who likes to have all their bases covered, this type of lawyer will be like your best friend. Read more to find out why you should hire a civil litigation lawyer today.

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney

Here’s a look at three great reasons why hiring an experienced family law attorney is a good idea.

3 Reasons Why You Need Attorney Advice for Your Business

Here are some reasons you need the services of a lawyer for legal service to prevent future issues

Change of Address Checklist You Must Have in 2020

We have created this address change checklist to help you keep a check on whom you have to inform about the new address.

Newsletter JCL Legal 2020

It is very important to ensure that you always update your address if you move your residence or business. If I can be of service to assist you or anyone you know, please contact JCL Legal.

The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Migration Agent

You think you know what visa to apply for and are ready to start the application process. So why should you hire a Migration Agent to do the visa application process for you?

3 Benefits Of Having An Immigration Agent

Read on to learn 3 key benefits of choosing a migration expert to handle your Australian visa application.

Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardian: Who will take care of me when I’m old?

With both Enduring Powers of Attorney and Guardianships, one hopes they will never be needed but if that need should occur, having them in place can be a great relief to a family.

Five Benefits Of Hiring In-House Counsel

As your company continues to grow, you may start wondering whether it's time to hire in-house counsel.

The difference between a Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship

What is the difference between Power of Attorney and an Enduring Guardian?

The Top 10 Reasons You Are Most Likely To Need A Solicitor

Some interesting research recently which listed the 10 most common reasons for people needing to seek legal advice.

3 Reasons To Have a Preferred Notary

Top 3 Reasons You Should Have a Preferred Notary

Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

In fact, while good legal representation may not be cheap, it can help get you out of a number of sticky situations, such as a bad divorce, lost job, or DUI violation.

5 Reasons You May Need A Lawyer In Life

You may hope that you’ll never have to have a lawyer in life, but there are numerous reasons to need legal representation. You don’t have to be a criminal to need a lawyer.

I've been served a Statutory Demand, Please Help Me!

I hope your company never receives a statutory demand but regretfully many people use a statutory demand improperly to recover debts allegedly owed to them by a company.

What Happens if I Lose Mental Capacity?

To safeguard you and your family it is prudent to have a Enduring Power of Attorney and an Enduring Guardian with an AHD.

Why Should JCL Legal Represent Me In My Family Matter?

This availability has prevented children being taken out of the country, but most importantly it enables you to get information when require by either by email, message or phone.

Statutory Demand

Regretfully many company owners have the registered office with a bookkeeper or accountant who they forget to advise when they move offices.

Do you need a Notary Public in Sydney CBD

If you have a document to be signed and used overseas or copy of the document that needs to be certified as a true copy of an original document, you will require the services of a public notary.

Should I have a Prenup – Binding Financial Agreement (BFA)

Many couples are coming together later in life with assets accumulated by their hard work. It is essential to protect these assets with a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA).

Lets Talk About Litigation

As a Litigation Lawyer, in every matter, which I am engaged I am at pains to emphasise to my client that being “right” it is not a sufficient reason on its own to commence proceedings.

Why a Good Civil Litigation Lawyer Looks at ALL The Available Possibilties

The legal process and litigation is a tool that must be used with care.

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