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Acoustical Consultant - Annandale, NSW

Acoustica Projects is your noise control specialist at Annandale, NSW. We bring music to your hears by reducing sound levels! We offer noise control solutions in any setting.

Welcome to Acoustica Projects!

Acoustica Projects is your noise control specialist at Annandale, NSW. We offer all Noise control products and Services. Acoustica products made in its manufacturing division are and have been continuously tested on-site by the Acoustica Project team.

Acoustica Project Management is working in all sectors where noise has become an issue; residential, commercial, educational, industrial and marine industries are some. Acoustica installation team experience in resolving acoustic issues is the result of 25 years of continuous improvement in the implementation of acoustic solutions.

Whether you require Sound Proofing Products are Noise Control Solutions to your residential, commercial or industrial property Acoustica Projects is the answer for you.

Acoustica Project Management’s skilled workers can offer noise control solutions in any setting. Our products and services:

• Acoustic Consulting

• Sound Analysis ; Testing

• Design and Construct ; Custom Design Noise Control Solutions

• Residential Soundproofing ; In- Home

• Noise Assessment and Reporting

• Environmental Noise Control

• Industrial Noise Control ; Corporate Offices ; Meeting Rooms ; Restaurants ; Studios ;

Units / Town House Sound Proofing

• Supply and install a full range of soundproof material

Let Acoustica Projects solve your noise control and soundproofing problems!

Call today to discuss your unique requirements.



Cascade - Acoustic Hanging Screens

Cascade hanging screens are an effective way of visually splitting up a place while creating more area for sound absorption.

Acoustic Paint

Acoustica Sydney uses acoustic paint that is proven to reduce and absorb sound by 2,51 dBm/Hz in just a single coat - and we usually use two coats. Combined with other materials, acoustic paint is a major eliminator of noise transmission.

ABSORBER - Echosorb 6 & 12

There are horrible sounds all around us. EchoSorb is ideal to reduce annoying high frequency noise.

Cheops Pyramids Fire Rated

Cheops Pyramids Fire Rated is eco-friendly and fibre free. The panels support a safer indoor air quality and will not become a potential airborne pollutant.

3D Tiles Noise Absorber

Lightweight and semi rigid; our 3D Tiles redefine sustainable design whilst reducing reverberation and controlling background noise.

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric is useful for situations where the noise problems are caused by higher frequencies such as speech levels.


VyBar® Marine is a specialised product for marine soundproofing: • Auxiliary engine enclosures • Line partition walls and bulkheads


The Aeropac® is a quiet air ventilator for when room is near a noisy environment.

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