Ways How Life Coaching Boosts Your Confidence

Ways How Life Coaching Boosts Your Confidence

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We all have two lives — the life we live and the life we want. But anxiety and self-doubt can prevent us from realising our potential and leading happier, more fulfilling lives.

If you're keen on boosting your confidence — there's good news; like any other skill, confidence can be built and improved upon. Here's how to start.

boost self confident express yourself

Express yourself

If led unchecked, poor self-confidence can stop you from living your life. Good self-confidence, on the other hand, allows you to achieve the real goals in your life — whatever they may be.

The 3 biggest myths about self-confidence

It's something you're born with. Wrong — self-confidence is something that can be learned, just like anything else.

I'd feel more confident if I knew I'd succeed at something new. Not true — it might be harder to get back on the ladder, but you'll rise again harder and stronger for it.

One it's gone, it's gone for good. Wrong again — how can you know you'll succeed if you've never tried? Learn to embrace the excitement of uncertainty.

By acting with a little more confidence in difficult situations, you can subtly transform your life from the inside out.

Building confidence: a day-to-day approach

At Work

Whether starting a new job or dealing with a difficult co-worker, work can test your self-assurance.

boost confidence lead with your strenght

1. Lead with your strengths


Work to your strengths — organise your day to focus on what you're good at.


Reminding yourself of past successes will keep you engaged, positive and self-assured.

Monitor your success

2. Monitor your success


Start each day by making a realistic to-do list that you can tick off as you go.


Every time a job is crossed off, you're adding to a visible pattern on high achievement.


We all want to be more confident when seeing friends and meeting new people, so take a leap and put yourself ou there.

talk to different people

3. Talk to different people


On your next grocery run, strike up a conversation with the cashier


You'll realise the majority of people are friendly, and there's actually nothing to fear. The more you make the effort, the easier it will become.

4. Try something new


Look online for what group activities happen locally and sign up to some.


Doing is the difference between becoming the self-confident person you'd like to be and no change at all. 

Parties and night out

Parties and nights out

No one likes feeling left out of the action. Socialising and joining in might seem hard, but you just need to get the ball rolling.

5. Be spontaneous


Rather than thinking of reasons not to go, attend the next event you're invited to.


Your mind will be less cluttered with planning and what-ifs. Thinking on your feet will become natural, making it easier to cope with unknown situations that else.

6. Focus on body language


Keep a good posture, smile maintain eye contact and take time when speaking.


By doing these simple things, you will not only more confident but appear more confident.


Leave your worries with the routine of daily life. Build confidence whilst having an adventure.

Build Confidence while having an adventure

7. Venture somewhere different


Book a vacation to a new destination that will require you to be assertive.


Avoiding tourist destinations will force you to talk to strangers, try exotic things, and give you a confidence boost that will follow you back home.

8. Travel solo


For your next vacation, go alone — self-reliance builds self-confidence.


Self-confidence is a by-product of immersing yourself in unknown territory, away from familiar routines.

Physical activities

Talking and socialising aren't the only ways to build confidence. Taking on a physical challenge is a sure-fire way to give you a confidence boost.

Physical Activites Get Fit with others

9. Get fit with others


Join a local team in a sport that you either excel in or are passionate about.


Team sports rely on cooperation and communication, meaning you'll have to get yourself out there to strategize with your team.

10. Test yourself


Participate in a demanding outdoor activity, such long distance hiking, survival camping or rock climbing.


Going out of your comfort zone to accomplishing a difficult challenge, set by yourself, will give you an unrivalled boost of confidence.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and the same goes for building confidence. By taking note of every success, no matter how small, you can remove anxiety's influence over your life.

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