Top 4 Simple, Proven, Must-Try Tips for Effective Stress Management

Top 4 Simple, Proven, Must-Try Tips for Effective Stress Management

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Stress can take over your life, affecting your health, your performance at work, your mood at home, your relationships and the overall quality of your life.

So don’t let it come to the point where you’re already feeling overwhelmed because stress has become the boss of your day to day. While some amount of frazzled nerves is inevitable and even helpful for you to become even better at what you do, it’s also important to make sure that you’re enjoying a good balance between your high-intensity moments and relaxing times.

Here are some simple and proven tips for managing stress:


1. Face the mirror. While going through an especially stressful time, make a quick escape to the bathroom. Look at yourself in the mirror and start talking to calm yourself down or boost your morale, whichever it is that you need. Affirming mantras such as “I can do this” and “I’m good” actually will have an effect on your overall composure. Breathe deeply and stretch your arms above, as if you’re a superhero about to fly. It may sound crazy, but once you get out of the room, you’ll feel how this little trick has the power to give you an immediate lift.


2. Seek the sea. Go to the beach and just stare at the water. Head out to a quiet pool and do some slow laps. Draw out a bath and just soak in the warm, comforting water, maybe with a few aromatic oils or salts added in. Or simply hang out in a serene garden with a fountain or a water feature in it. The point is to be in the presence of water because science has proven that bodies of water have the power to make humans feel calm, and even a bit happier.

3. Play some music. Music has the capacity to directly influence your mood and emotions. The right sounds can soothe your anxiety and boost your body’s capacity to fight stress. You can prepare your playlist in advance, so you can just hit “play” whenever you feel you need some push for your day. The good thing about is that there are no rules to it – you can use classical music, songs from your childhood, ambient sounds, nature sounds, water sounds, white noise, binaural beats or a combination of a few or several of these, according to what works for you.

4. Get some company. Call up a friend or your mom or anyone you trust, and confide in them your worries and fears. Sharing what’s on your mind instead of keeping it all bottled up can help you unload some of the negative emotions you might be harbouring. On the other hand, you don’t have to talk at all. For other people, just cuddling up with their partner or children is enough to keep the worries away, at least for the meantime.

If these tips are not enough better talk to a life coaching experts in Castle Hill today.


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