Security Devices Which can Actually Help You

Security Devices Which can Actually Help You

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Most thieves force a window (42% of burglaries) or a door (36%). Also, thieves often break into a garage or shed to find tools or a ladder with which to break into your house. So securing these common entry points on both your house and garage or shed is a good preventive measure.


There are locks for every kinds of window, and they can cost very little. ‘Choice’ magazine published a very informative article which rated different brands of windows locks. For sliding windows, placing a length of timber in the window tracks was found to be most effective method of stopping the window being jemmied open.

Fit good quality steel security doors to front and rear entrances. They provide an additional lock and a barrier between you and a caller.


A small investment in quality locks will protect your possessions, including items which cannot be adequately replaced by insurance money, and give personal security for you and your family. Fit security deadlocks to your main exit doors. These locks can be opened or closed from both sides only with a key. The key should be easily accessible to occupants. The simple night latch, which you can open from the inside by turning a knob, provides very little security, especially if there is glass nearby. All a burglar has to do is break the glass, reach in and turn the knob. A deadlock can be opened only with a key, so a burglar cannot smash nearby glass to open the door from the inside. If the burglar enters through a window your property cannot be carried out through the door. Special locks for patio doors are available.


A peephole fitted in the door and a light outside allow you to identify callers before letting them in.


These help you to speak with strangers at the front door before letting them in. Once you have one fitted, get into the habit of using it.


Advice about the most suitable locks and security devices for you homes is available from locksmiths, insurance companies or security consultants.


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