Guide to a Stress Free Wall Tiles Replacement

Guide to a Stress Free Wall Tiles Replacement

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Nothing is more distressing after just getting out of the shower or bath than to hear a loud crash announcing that half the tiles have fallen off the bathroom wall. Yet this phenomenon is relatively common,especially where tiles have been ‘spot’stuck with the latex adhesives of the late 1960’s.The brown rubbery glue looks broken when tiles come away.

Yet this problem of loose tiles exists for many months or even years before total failure .The tiles gradually grow more and more drummy as they lose their adhesion to the wall .Or else ,the tiles have often been laid hard against each other ,with no allowance for the expansion which invariably occurs in nearly all ceramic tiles.


The first problem is that often a number of tiles break when they fall into the bath or onto the floor . Replacements are very harad to find as some of these tiles may be in pre-metric measurers .It may be worth redoing the whole bathroom at this stage .

•If the wall is drummy,but the tiles are still there ,lay a soft “ landing ’’ with something like a blanket on the bath and any other areas ,and gently prise off the tiles to save them for reuse.

•You should scrape off as much as possible of the old glue from both the tiles and the wall to expose a fresh surface for the new adhesive.

This is quite difficult because of the rubberiness of the old latex –based adhesive .However ,do not use solvents .Retile with a flexible two-part ceramic tile adhesive ,covering the whole of the back of the tile , not just in spots or blobs.

• If possible and practical ,remove the old wall lining and replace these walls with new fibre cement sheets suitable for ceramic tiling. New sheets are not that expensive ,and it will result in a better job.

•When tiling ,use a notched trowel to spread the adhesive evenly. Leave a gap with the floor ,use a cement based adhesive in place of the grout.


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