Easy Ways to Stop Hiccups

Easy Ways to Stop Hiccups

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You might think that hiccups are a normal thing, but you can actually stop them. Here’s how.

Drink water.
Take 9 or 10 quick sips from a glass of water. When you’re drinking water, rhythmic contractions of the oesophagus override diaphragm spasms. Make sure you’re not drinking other beverages because they don't work as effective as water.

Hold your breath.
Take a deep breath and hold it. While doing so, plug your nose and close your mouth. Exhale once hiccups disappear or you need more air. Repeat if hiccups persist.

Plug your ears.
In a place where others can’t see you, stick your fingers in your ears for 20-30 seconds. You can also press the soft areas behind your earlobes. This sends a signal through the vagus nerve, which connects to your diaphragm.

Try coughing.
Count the number of seconds between hiccups. Cough loudly around the time a hiccup is coming up, or when you feel it coming up.

Try the crash position.
Find a straight-backed chair and sit down with your back fully pressed into the back of the chair. Slowly bend over in the tuck position with your arms crossed over your body. Do this until you feel slightly uncomfortable. If you have back problems, this is not advised for you.

Use your hands.
Press the palm of your hand with the thumb of your other hand (the harder, the better).

Use brown paper bag.
Experts say that breathing into a brown paper bag increases the amount of carbon dioxide you're taking in, which forces your body to get rid of it instead of producing hiccups.

Use paper towels.
Get a glass of water and put a napkin or paper towel over the cup. Then drink the water through the paper towel until the water is gone.

Eat slower.
Not chewing your food well can lead to hiccups. That is so because air gets trapped between pieces of the food and gets swallowed. Eat slowly by chewing more, thus eliminating the possibility of producing hiccups.

Eat and drink moderately.
Some scientists believe that hiccups are the body's signal that you’re eating or drinking too much. If you find that you often get hiccups after a meal, consider eating less. Same goes for drinking.

Eat sweets.
Have a teaspoonful of sugar or peanut butter. This isn’t the best method, so try it as the last resort.

If you’re experiencing long-term hiccups, see a doctor in one of these medical service providers in Australia.


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