Botox Questions To Ask Your Specialist

Botox Questions To Ask Your Specialist

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If you’re considering Botox injections, there may be some questions you have in mind related to the procedure. Here, we compiled some of the most common topics on what you really need to know about this well-known cosmetic treatment:


Botox Procedure

Can you tell me more about the process?
Botox is the trademark name for purified preparation of botulinum toxin. This substance blocks the chemical messengers that cause muscles to shrink. It can be used to relax muscles, such as frown muscles (around your forehead) or crow's feet (around your eyes). In medical practice, it has been used as a medication for excessive sweating, migraines and squints correction. In some cases, it’s also used for hyperactive muscle, like in cerebral palsy.

Will it hurt?
Botox uses fewer instruments than surgery. It is injected using very thin needles, just like the ones used to inject insulin. Most people don't feel any pain while they are being injected. Initial discomfort might be felt when the needle goes through the skin, but if the doctor has a gentle and quick hand and the patient feels relaxed, it usually won't cause serious pain.

Initial swelling may occur at the injection points but this usually settles after 20 to 30 minutes. Also, there is the risk of bruising and it needs 5 to 7 days to clear. It’s recommended to avoid alcohol, exercise and blood thinning supplements at least 24 hours before and after the appointment to minimise the side effects.

What are the common applications for Botox?
Botox can be applied to the areas where wrinkles are emphasised, especially while moving the muscles such as when you are frowning or smiling.

Am I a good candidate for Botox?
Not everyone can be a good candidate for Botox treatments. It can’t be used if you suffer from muscle weakness, are on antibiotics, have an allergic history to Botox or don't have any noticeable lines on your skin during muscle contraction.

What can I expect after the treatment?
The results may vary. The results fully depend on how much it is used and which part is being treated. The ideal effect you want to achieve is a natural, subtle softening of the lines rather than a “frozen” look.

How do you avoid the “frozen” look?
Achieving a natural look after Botox takes both art and science. That so-called frozen look won’t happen if your doctor was able to inject the right amount of Botox into the affected muscles, and if he or she was able to identify the right muscle groups to target. Great results will take experience and technical expertise, and also an artistic skill of the practitioner.

Will it last forever?
Botox doesn’t last forever, it breaks down after a few months. It normally takes up to 2 weeks for the Botox to take effect, and the effects averagely last up to 4 months. But, if you are new to Botox, the effects may last shorter (around 2 to 3 months). However, for some patients, the effects may last longer (up to 6 months). The longevity of the results depends on how relaxed your muscle are, which minimises constant hypercontraction.

For more information about Botox injections and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures, feel free to call Dr Andrew Roberts and his team at Cosmetic Medical Centre today!


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