Blog as an Online Marketing Tool

Blog as an Online Marketing Tool

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Published by TOP4 Team

If you’re looking for ways to build an audience, attract links and become part of your market’s online community, then it’s time to change your thinking about online marketing.

We all know it’s cheaper to sell to existing customers than acquire new ones, yet the common line of thinking when it comes to website traffic is simply: more, more, more. How can I attract more visitors? How can I get more links? How can I get more search engine traffic?

Increasing your traffic is no bad thing, but if you need constant stream of new visitors to increase sales or leads, listen carefully. Online marketing now looks a lot like the media industry: your business must acquire attention as a crucial asset to help it grow.

Blogs have been around for years now and they’ve changed websites forever. Your market now expects you to provide free content that is entertaining or useful. It’s now so easy for anyone to publish a content. That means there is more content being created now than ever before and attention is harder to get.

Publishing content is a great way to become part of your market’s online community and have your audience share your content with others. You might even create something viral.

How do you cut through the noise? Should you create new content or should you curate existing content? A mix of both is best. In this media and marketing environment, your goal is not just to sell your products, but to also become the ‘go-to’ website in your industry. You want to provide regular content that interests your visitors. Gain their attention and then work on converting them into audience members who’ll return time and time again.

There’s one local online brand that added media to its marketing mix recently and achieved stellar results. The website hadn’t redesigned since 2005 and was a great example of how much the internet has changed in five years. There was no interaction and the site was only updated when there was new stock. The website was launched recently and now includes a blog and social media elements including Twitter and Facebook.

The blog has become the shining star of the online business. It features short, daily posts that interest the brand’s audience and influencers are invited to guest post. Ensuring that each post links back to a product in the brand’s range has taken this business to the next level, establishing it once again as an industry leader.

How can you start using media to market your business? Look offline. Read magazines that your audience would buy and brainstorm topic ideas. One great piece of content is better than five half-hearted attempts. Above all: don’t create more noise.

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