Acne Treatment and Scar Removal Options

Acne Treatment and Scar Removal Options

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Acne scarring is a condition that haunts people long after the active acne has been treated, affecting their self-perception and confidence. Having severe acne treated as soon as possible is crucial in reducing the risk of acne scars. Here are four treatment options for acne scarring.


Chemical Peels
Chemical peels can help with acne scars, but only at a superficial level. The procedure comes in different strength, but in most cases is not very effective at removing deep scars, for it only removes the upper layers of skin. For this to help with deep scarring, it would mean a major risk of complication and significant downtime. While chemical peels can help, it is suggested to use them only for very superficial irregularities such as freckles and to smooth out your skin’s texture.

Microdermabrasion is a superficial technique that assists with the removal of built-up skin cells and some mild collagen stimulation. The procedure involves a gentle vacuum that brings your skin in contact with a diamond-coated head that abrades the top player of dead skin. A series of 10 or more treatments is generally required to see a noticeable improvement in the skin. It is great for helping refresh the skin, and is commonly used in combination with facial peels.

Medical Needling
Medical needling is one of the best ways to induce collagen formation and is particularly useful for scars and facial rejuvenation. The procedure involves a little wheel with tiny needles on it being rolled over the face to create minute puncture wounds deep in dermis layer of the skin. This causes trauma to the area and helps stimulate new collagen formation around the scars. It can be used on almost any skin type and is highly effective, with results that continue to improve for up to a year. However, you’re going to look like something out of horror movie for at least a week while your skin repairs itself.

Fractional Lasers
Fractional lasers are one of the most exciting advancements made in the treatment of acne scars. Fractional lasers work by firing pulses of light energy into the skin in a grid-like manner, leaving pieces of intact skin in between the treated areas as a reservoir and barrier to assist with rapid healing. It is like having a laser version of medical needling but with much higher levels of accuracy and less downtime. The operator has the ability to dial in the depth the laser will penetrate as well as the strength of the laser beam. This is adjustable to the individual needs of the patient. The patient may require a series of three to four treatments about four to six weeks apart but with excellent results and minimal downtime.

The longer you leave your acne, the worse it may get. Seek proper medical advice from skin care experts or from Cosmetic Medical Centre in Sydney today, as soon as your acne starts to get out of control.


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