A Guide to Facial Cosmetic Surgery

A Guide to Facial Cosmetic Surgery

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For celebrities and famous personalities who are constantly in the limelight, as well as for the average man or woman, cosmetic procedures are becoming quite popular as a means of achieving their desired or ideal physical appearance.

While many prefer to have work done on their bodies to appear slimmer or more toned, others are more intent on getting facial cosmetic surgery to enhance the face that they present to the world.

facial cosmetic surgery

Here is a brief guide to the different kinds of facial cosmetic surgical procedures that can be done today.

For the skin:
· Face and forehead lifts help restore the elasticity of facial skin to produce a tighter, more toned face.
· Chemical peels provide chemical exfoliation which removes the top layer of the skin, revealing the healthier, softer skin underneath.
· Dermabrasion utilizes a diamond rotary instrument to remove skin irregularities and reveal younger-looking skin underneath, like a chemical peel.
· Thermage is similar to a face lift—it also helps tighten facial skin—but does not leave scars.
· Botox is medicine injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles, frown lines and crow's feet—weakening them to prevent their appearance.
· Facial fillers are products injected to the skin, like Botox, but they fill in the space inside wrinkles and folds instead.

For the mouth:
· Lip enhancement involves the insertion of an implant to create the appearance of fuller lips.
· Lip fillers use products like collagen, injected into the lips, for a larger, plumper appearance.
· Malar augmentation helps alter the facial shape of the patient with the use of facial implants; this procedure is performed within the mouth.

For the nose:
· Rhinoplasty alters the size and/or shape of the nose by sculpting its bone and cartilage according to the desired result.

For the eyes:
· Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift removes excess skin and fat from the upper or lower eyelid.
· Eyelash transplantation involves a technique that adds or replaces living (and growing) eyelashes into eyelids to produce longer and fuller eyelashes.

For the chin:
· Genioplasty uses implants to change the appearance and shape of the chin.

For the ears:
· Ear reshaping or otoplasty alters the appearance of the ears. Prominent ears can be pinned back to a more conventional position, while disfigured ones can be fixed to create a more improved shape.

Any kind of invasive facial cosmetic procedure can be safe and highly effective as long as you approach a surgical professional that is fully trained, licensed and highly experienced in the specific treatment you are considering. Such medical professionals will work closely with you to analyse your unique facial structure, determine your desired results, perform the correct procedures in a safe and sterile environment, observe the appropriate safety precautions, and guide you to full recovery.

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