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Accountants - Brisbane, QLD

Change Accountants & Advisors located in Brisbane specialises in Individuals, Business, wealth Advices, Loan Advices and persaonal Wealth Portal.

Finally, an accounting firm that “gets it”.

Change Accountants & Advisors fixed up front prices (no hourly rates). Expert tax planning. Free brief phone calls and brief emails. We’re extraordinary accountants and advisors who speak in plain English and give you amazing service. Individuals, small and large businesses, we can help you. Plus we’re Wealth Advisors to help you achieve a beautiful future.

Tax Returns and Financial Statements are what we call Government “Red Tape” or Compliance services. These are like looking in the rear vision mirror while driving your car.

Change Accountants & Advisors do tax. Yes. And we're great at that. We're as passionate as you are about making sure you pay no more tax than you absolutely have to. We also do accounting such as BAS preparation and lodgements, and End of Financial Year accounts and lodgements. We give outstanding business advice – advice on ways to grow your profits, how to make your business more valuable, how you sell your business for the best price, how to improve your team and your use of technology, and how to protect your assets from frivolous legal claims.

Change Accountants & Advisors do a fantastic job on these services, and we use these as a basis for giving you what we call “Freedom Planning” advice, to create, grow and protect your wealth. This is like looking through your front windscreen while driving your car, choosing a better and faster way to get to your destination!

One place for all the advice you need! By having our tax and accounting team and our wealth advice team all together under the one roof, we can simplify your life by providing more coordinated advice than you would get by having to go place to place.

Another thing you'll find in working with us is that we love technology. Not technology for technology's sake, but technology that makes things simpler and easier for you. Things like Xero online accounting software. This is a brilliant tool for businesses and individuals, for tracking your income and expenditure. We'll help you with that. And things like DocuSign to electronically sign documents (saves you heaps of time and saves paper) and Box to provide you with a Client Portal so you can access documents with provide you with – anywhere and anytime!

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