Tips for Repairing Clogged Water Pipes

Tips for Repairing Clogged Water Pipes

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Her clogged drains in the house often makes the owner angry. Addition will make the house look unhealthy, activity in the small room became disturbed. Not only that, a puddle of water can also be a nest of insects and harmful bacteria. Insects such as mosquitoes would love to live there.

Here are some ways to overcome this:

A. Most Clogged Waterways
To relaunch the bathroom drains are partially clogged, you can use caustic soda. Caustic soda is used because it is alkaline and capable of destroying waste in a waterway. Don’t forget to select a particular caustic soda to clean drains, not to clean the paint (can be seen in the packaging / ask the seller).
The steps use is as follows:

#1 Prepare caustic soda to taste. Caustic soda can you buy in the store building, liquid or powder with different prices according packaging.
#2 Use a mask and plastic gloves (can use crackle) to avoid undesirable effects when skin is exposed to caustic soda
#3 Enter caustic soda in a bucket of dry
#4 Enter the hot water to taste. It is useful to speed up the process of caustic soda dissolution of the powder.
#5 Then toss to caustic soda powder mixed with hot water
#6 Pour this liquid into a pit of water pipeline
#7 Usually it will sound like a rumble
#8 Don’t use water channel in order for caustic soda can work more optimally
#9 For the record, should the above steps done at night when the drains are not used. Add vinegar to the channel to create a strong enough incentive effect. If this method can not help, try every day to flush the drain with a large bucket of water at a time to push the dirt out slowly.

B. Full Clogged Waterways
For full Clogged drains where water can’t seep at all, you should hire the services of suction wc / Plumber to clean. It could also dismantle return water pipes in your house and remove all the dirt that is in it. Usually, the dirt is gathered in curves and water pipe line connection.


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