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Top4 Advertising:

Why It Matters

Expand your reach with innovative features that put your business in the spotlight


  • List multiple businesses on Top4 for free.
  • Easy publish, edit and manage options for business contact details including your location, phone numbers, email address, website URL and operating hours.
  • Automatic social media integration for quick linking with your social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and blog).
  • Comprehensive business overview section for publishing a clear, compelling description of your business.
  • Unlimited number of photo uploads to fully showcase your products, services and team.
  • Centralised information facility lets you integrate your job listings, product listings and press releases to your main business page.
  • Customized logo opton for enhanced branding.
  • Intuitive share buttons for members to easily share your listing via Top4, Facebook, LinkedIn and email.
  • Convenient "follow" function to encourage members to follow and connect closely with your business on Top4.
  • Automatic email notification everytime you get a lead from your listings.
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  • Easy publish, edit and manage options for jobs information which inlcludes sections for posting job description, desired skills and required experience.
  • Highly optimised company introduction field.
  • 30-day publication per job listing. (Report a job listing for a small $2 fee.)
  • Private message option for sending direct emails to job applicants to your listing.
  • Instant email notications every time a prospective employee views your job listing
  • Easy sharing buttons for members to share your job listings via Top4, Facebook, LinkedIn and email.
  • Free and unlimited resume check of job applicants.
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  • Easy publish, edit and manage options for publishing product descriptions for each listing.
  • Unlimited ability to change, edit, revise or update product listings
  • Direct email service to send messages and product quotes to customers.
  • Real-time email notifications every time you get a lead
  • Easy sharing buttons for members to share your product listings via Top4, Facebook, LInkedIn and email.
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Press Releases

  • Easy publish, edit and manage options for your press releases.
  • Unlimited ability to change, edit, revise or update your press releases.
  • Easy share option for members to share your press releases via Top4, Facebook, LinkedIn and email.
  • Unlimited print option for your press releases.
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Press Releases


  • Easily connect and share information with your favourite brands, products and other contacts.
  • One-click social media sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and blog
  • Quick and intuitive comments option.
  • Monitor and control user comments on your pages and posts.
  • Follow other brands and businesses to get up-to-date market information.
  • Followback option for other members and businesses to easily stay updated with the businesses, job vacancies, products, press releases and news that you share and post.
  • View who shared your business listings, job postings, products, press releases and news.
  • View who liked your business listings, job postings, products, press releases and news.
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Lead local search with expert advertising solutions created just for your business

Display your advertisement

Pay Per Lead

Display ads are strategically placed promotions in the form of Featured Listings and Banner Advertising to further boost your visibility inside Top4.

Featured listing:

  • Get your listing posted right on the Top4 homepage.
  • Lead expansion & nurturing - Reach out to active buyers who are ready to support and purchase from your business.

Banner Advertising:

  • Publish your ads in strategic locations on the Top4 homepage and inside pages.
  • Easy online marketing - Take the guesswork out of digital marketing by placing your campaigns exactly where your target market is.

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Pay per lead

Pay Per Lead

Top4 offers businesses a chance to list their business for FREE and be in front of active buyers without spending a single cent. With our Pay-Per-Lead pricing, you only pay when you view an enquiry about your business listing or when you check a quote as per the request of a customer.

  • Smart spending – Every dollar you spend ensures an automatic equivalent ROI.
  • Cost effective – No need to shell out a huge capital for marketing your business online.
  • Sharp marketing – Identify exactly where your leads come from and accurately gauge the effectiveness of your offers.

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Bump up your listings


The Bump Up feature allows you to move your listing back to the top of the listings in your specific category. A great way to ensure continued visibility and promotion, Bump Up works for business listings, product listings, job postings and press releases.

  • Maximum reach – Ensure your message is placed in front of your audience.
  • Business advantage – Move ahead of your competition.
  • Better management – Control your spending and make your promotions more targeted.

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